Problems With Tresemme Hair Products

Discussion in 'Hair' started by * Nail Freak *, May 4, 2006.

  1. * Nail Freak *
    Hiya Geeks, Has anyone had a reaction to tresemme shampoo or conditioner?? i have been having problems with my ears (itchy, scabs :eek: eww) my scalp is ok and the shampoo is all i can think of, the only other thing in contact with my ears is water! have had antibiotics twice for swollen ear canals (yes its as painful as it sounds!) My mum also had itchy lumps on her scalp after using tresemme - anyone else had problems?? I have changed my shampoo so will see what happens :rolleyes:

    Rach xx
  2. petals
    funny you should say that as i have been using tresemme gel and it has made my scalp really itchy and dry. could be something else but when i stopped using it the irritation went.....don't know what they put in it!:eek:
  3. cantrelax
    Oh you girls, you must be doing something wrong, remember,"its only for professionals"!! PMSL!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself. xxx
  4. * Nail Freak *
    Lmao !!!! :lol:
  5. petals
    oh my god! I didn't know that why didn't they ask me if i was a professional in Boots then?
  6. cantrelax
    Hun, are you being serious? Cos I was only quoting the thier ad, its not really just for pros. x
  7. * Nail Freak *
    Yeah and asda!! .....Lol
  8. melissaq
    I've had trouble with that product before....but on my scalp...little blisters all over...was quite itchy and a little painful......stopped using it ...something in the chemical's.....but I'm allergic to most your not alone :)
  9. salmonsa

    A few years ago this WAS only available in professional salons, and it was pretty good stuff and pretty expensive too !!

    I would imagine the formula has been changed or something because it is now alot cheaper to buy and you can get it from any chemist,supermarket etc, well either that or the company has decided to take less profit !!:rolleyes:
  10. jac extreme
    oh great, I just brought a big bottle of each yesterday!!!:lol:
  11. Rachy Roo
    i dont like tresemme - it makes my hair feel like a bog brush! xx
  12. cantrelax
    Gosh, this sounds like it could be a real problem. You guys should really write a few letters to the company. There must be one of those feedback numbers or something on the back.
  13. Klassy Klaws
    I bought two large bottles (2 for £5 any bargains for me) my daughters have been using them with no problems they seem to like it.
    I have to say I use Johnson's Baby shampoo and I love it it seems to help any colour I have on my hair last for ages:lol:
  14. beautynails
    Haven't had a reaction but the shampoo made my hair feel like it hadn't been washed for a week. And got super bad dandruff.
  15. wendyrose
    have to say i dont like it either....made my already dry hair very dry, you should give them a call, if it's happening to a lot of ppl im sure theyd want to know! i use aussie, it's the best iv come across..
  16. * Nail Freak *
    Lmao ! - can't say its done that to me i suppose it depends on your hair type/which one you use, i used the dry/damaged one, not sure whether it may be just that one, but my mum used that one and we both had probs!
  17. bobbie
    I also used the dry/damaged one and got those itchy lumps too. I just stopped using it and then I was fine... interesting that it happened to a lot of others too...
  18. Trace67
    My daughters a hair dresser and she wont use it neither does any of her work mates. She said its no good for your hair as it stips it!
  19. Bev Rose
    pleased i found this thread as i was thinking of getting a couple of big bottles of this stuff. won't bother now. Thanks. xx
  20. becki x
    Ok,when i first started hairdressing about seven years ago,treseme were great,however the over the counter products are not of the same standard at all.This is most likely due to the fact that when trying to make this affordable for the general public something has to be scarificed imho to maintain a profit.However,for a product as mild as shampoo an allergic reation should not occur,and from this thread it is clear that this is not an isolated incident.
    If no one contacts treseme to let them know,how can they do anything about it ?

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