Wax pot bucket



I was wondering if anyone can help me please, I have a Lycon wax pot and it didn’t come with the wax bucket that goes in the wax pot I rang them and they said it’s discontinued and they aren’t getting them in again...the lady said I can get one from Sally’s or Ellisons... i ordered the 1000cc deo inner bucket...the height was perfect but it couldn’t fit in my wax pot I’ve sent it back and would like to order another one but I don’t want the same thing to happen again so I’m wondering if anyone had done this before and Can recommenced the right thing xxx

House Beauty

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I’d suggest getting a refund and buy a new wax pot, this will probably happen every time you buy wax aswell if they don’t make it to fit anymore. What a cheek selling a wax pot that doesn’t have an inner pot.

I stopped using Adam and Eve was as they changed the size of the pots and it didn’t match the size of the heaters they sold.