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  1. Z

    Ash blonde how to achieve

    Hi, I am training currently, how can I achieve this ash blonde colour on bleached level 9 hair please? I use wella and matrix mainly but open to other suggestions
  2. S

    Diluting developer

    Can I dilute 30Vol developer into 20 vol or 10 vol using distilled water? I’m going to use blonde me bleach, I only have 30 vol developer in 30% and want to use 10 and 20
  3. tjrm27

    Shades eq formulation help - platinum to natural blonde

    Hi all! I’ve been using shades eq for around a year, and I’m loving it but I’m not as educated with it as I am with L’Oreal. This week I’m planning to return my friend from her current level 10 scalp bleach to a dimensional, natural blonde. I’m happy with the technique I’ve chosen - half head...
  4. M

    Bleach Blonde to natural root colour?

    hello. I need some advice. I’m not a professional. I pretty much ruined my hair about 7/8 month ago with bleach. When I saw my hair falling out. I haven’t touched bleach since and I don’t want to either. I have trimmed my hair but my hair still feels weak and shed hair like a very hairy dog...
  5. S

    Highlights lowlights

    Hi, I was a hairdresser for many years but due to kids I only now do friends and family's hair. A friend of mine is looking for a nice colour to break up her blonde tones. Can someone please suggest what to do as I am aware of putting browns onto blondes that can turn it khaki. I usually work...
  6. L

    Blonde toners

    What would you recommend for a toner to achieve this blonde? Any brands let me know
  7. T

    Gold thrown out in blonde tint

    Hiya, Basicallly, I’m a natural base 7, and have been using koleston 12/1 for years and years and it was always a lovely colour.. since having my children it is now so dull, and flat, and throwing of a lot of gold. It’s awful yellow with gold root. I want to get my hair a lovely bright almost...
  8. D

    Help ASAP, purple toning stain in tape-ins

    I don’t know if I am absolutely daft or this is a normal issue… BUT I recently installed remy human hair tape ins to my blonde hair, and unfortunately they were a little too yellow. Whilst being in my hair, my idiot self, toned my hair extensions with purple shampoo (Fudge violet) and now the...
  9. 1

    Need help, new to extensions!

    Hi, so I’m not impressed with the hair quality of the extensions my stylist gave me I want the best of the best. I was going to order from, not sure if this website is trusted? Has anyone ordered from them and have a good experience? If not what are similar brands for Euro or...
  10. W

    How to dye all of my hair blonde?

    I really want to dye all of my hair blonde but not sure how to go about it. Two years ago a hairdresser dyed my hair from my natural colour which is a light brown to a platinum blonde and used such a harsh bleach and method that my hair broke and fell out and its taken two years for it to grow...
  11. B

    Wella Color Touch help!

    My natural virgin hair colour is around a level 4 and I have it coloured at the salon just to give it extra shine. My hair dresser uses Wella color touch in the shade 6/7 with 1.9% emulsion. it gives my hair a lovely gloss and I get this topped up around every 2 - 3 months which is applied to...
  12. hjabg123

    Beige blonde advice please!

    Hello all, Was hoping someone could provide me with some advice with regards to warmer tones as I usually work with cool tones. My partner's hair (I am a qualified stylist) is currently pre-lightened to a 10 pale yellow and is looking to be a dimensional blonde level 8/9 - something close to...
  13. L

    Faded peach/rose gold toner

    what what is the best toner to use on blondes for this faded dirty peach look? Any brand
  14. L

    What toner to use for a beige blonde look?

    Hi everyone! im wanting to tone my blonde hair current base level of a 9. I want to go a beige blonde like this photo. What is the best toner to achieve please? I’ve previously used wella kp 8/96 but fancy trying something new?! Let me know your thoughts. TIA
  15. H

    Wella blonde to copper

    Hi all! So I specialise mainly in blondes, and I’m finding a few of my blondes are wanting to go copper. I have never done a copper colour before!! Can someone please give me some colour advice... I use wella. I have attached a picture of my clients colour, she is a natural 6 and has been...
  16. hjabg123

    Blonde advice please!

    Hello all :) My client is a natural blonde who previously had a koleston 9/0 + 30vol all over application on his roots and lightened ends. He isn't happy with the result and is hoping to achieve as close to the reference image below as possible, a light natural dimensional sandy blonde. My...
  17. Hbk57

    Hair colour change

    I have platinum hair - I go to Toni and guy- always have a great experience- is it possible to go from full head bleach back to highlights- I’m due a scalp bleach next week but i wouldn’t mind going back to highlights. I used to get bleach and ash highlights for over 10 years and then last 2...
  18. I

    Do any colorists out there have a plan to keep blonde healthy?

    I've a client whos ends have now started to tangle I can tell she is getting sick of having it blonde for the shear fact that its getting tougher and tougher for her brush at home. I have reccomended regular trims which seem to be helping but ultimately I can see her struggling with keeping it...
  19. 3

    Need help guys for ashy hair to warm blonde hair color

    so she's one of my regular clients, she always have the whole head highlight (9N blonde) and the base color (7N) done. but this time i think i left the highlight a little too long. when i washed it with purple shampoo, it turned out like a silverish color and then i toned it with 9N. it turns...
  20. Joevandish

    Olaplex N° 1 with Wella Colour Touch

    Good evening all, Hope the quarantine isn't getting you down too much :/ I have a question about olaplex used with wella colour touch. I pre-lightened my hair today to a pale blonde and tried using a formula provided by a member here ... But weirdly the toner didn't really take- I mean, it...