1. B

    Highlift question

    Hey guys, I have a base 5/6 regrowth with highlights on Friday, I have a tube of Majirel highlift ash violet that I have yet to use. Do you think it would lift with 30vol in foils? Client recently had her colour done somewhere else (around 3 weeks) but wants it brighter. Thank you.
  2. N

    Converting from scalp bleach to full head foils

    I have a client in in a couple of weeks. She did have scalp bleach but has been growing it out for around a year. As you can imagine the regrowth is half way down her head and at a base 8, natural red head. She still wants to be blonde but more tonal. I was thinking of a full head of foils...
  3. C

    Cool blonde, but not grey!

    Okay I’m open to try new brands, because I just can’t find that perfect cool blonde toner, on day to day basis clients are always asking for their hair to be highlighted and toned a lovely cool blonde, BUT don’t want to be GREY! (They never really ask for bleach on scalp, as they don’t want to...
  4. G

    Has anyone used Marijel cool cover?

    Client has a natural cool base level 6.5-7, darkest ash blonde with about an inch of roots coming through and the rest of lengths a warm golden level 8 and is looking to go back to her natural colour, despite her natural ash tone she lifts very red, I’ve been recommended Marijel cool cover to...
  5. EssSh

    Wella Illumina as toner?

    Hi! I am looking for some advice on using wella illumina as a toner. I’m used to toning with color touch. I know you can’t mix the two, but has anyone used a permanent on the base and demi on mids? Or vice versa? Would you put illumina 10/38 on a level 9-10 yellow orange for a beigey blonde...
  6. E

    Platinum blonde with dark roots

    Hey Geeks! I’m doing a friend of mines hair tomorrow, she Currently has highlights and so her hair is fairly light a base 6/7/8 in places with a dark root. She wants to go even lighter to a platinum/grey blonde, with a darker blended root. I’ve told her it’s a process and I will lift her as...
  7. S

    Baby lights to bright blonde on vulnerable hair

    I have a new client with fine hair. She hadn't coloured her hair for 18 months after a chemical cut. Most of the damaged hair had been cut off. She wanted to go back blonde and went to a salon, they gave her a full head of baby highlights, lots of them but SUPER fine. She now has a dull, dirty...
  8. MilburnL

    Client has given me an image, need advice on what toner

    I thought of maybe using the wella 10/16 Anybody else have a better idea?
  9. Poppey’shair

    Blonde to brown

    Hi all just after some help with going from white blonde to brunette. I recently bleached my roots but most of it only lifted to a ginger as I had a root drag over my blonde for a while which I wanted to get rid of. I put a toner on it I used 12/11 and 12/89 which just made my hair go a grey and...
  10. Rosieamber93

    Blonde balayage to brunette

    So I’m finallt considering to go dark ahhhh! I have added a picture of my current colour, it’s about a 7 root then fading down into a blonde balayage. I’m in two minds weather to pre pig? If I just put 66/07 with 1.9% all over on dry would it go Khaki? I’ve done this on a client and it went fine...
  11. J

    Why won't my hairdresser do a full bleach?

    I'm naturally blonde and fair and I've been getting full head/half head highlights of just bleach for 3 years now. My hairs in good condition however when I've asked for a full bleach and and a silver toner to be put on my hairdresser refuses and just gives me a full head instead? Should I keep...
  12. charlottesteward03

    Need help with a naturally ginger client!

    So I’ve been doing this particular client for 4 and a half years. She’s always had a full head of roots touch-up using 6.0 & 6.1 mixed with 6% which has always covered the warmth from her ginger. Then she has a full head of bleach highlights after. Her hair was getting into great condition until...
  13. MariaTvb

    Wella Blondor on scalp bleach

    Hello! Is it ok to use 1:1 blondor with 6% on scalp to get platinum white blonde? Thank you!
  14. MariaTvb

    Wella blondor ratio help

    Hello! I'm naturally a level 4 and I've been bleaching my hair to get that perfect platinum white hair for years. Can you please help me with an opinion which would be better for on scalp bleach? a)Wella blondor 1:1.5(half 6%, half 9%) b)Wella blondor 1:1(6%) I've never tried this ratio 1:1...
  15. sandramaex

    Brown to rose gold hair - toner?

    If I’m going from brown to rose gold, do I need to first tone my hair platinum then pink, or can I go from my orange (post-bleach) straight to pink?
  16. M

    Matrix highlift highlights over old low lights

    I will be using matrix Ultra lift on a client who has been having foils using level 9 for lighter shade and level 6 in demi for lower shade— She now wants to go brighter without using bleach. She is a 6NA naturally. In the past matrix ultra lift ash has left a golden tone so I am wondering has...