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  1. B

    From terrible balayage to full head of blonde I didn't ask for, please help

    Hello, I really need some advice as I can't believe what has happened to my hair and I think it's ruined.... I went to my local hairdresser after having a few cuts with him and asked him for a balayage. I have dark brown hair with previously bleached ends and he said it wouldn't be a problem...
  2. C

    Colour change - base 10 to base 7

    Hi guys, Finding myself in a bit of a pickle. I’ve been lightening my client up to a base 10 and now post lockdown she’s decided she wants to be back to roughly a base 7. She’s said she’s going to leave it to me to decide the outcome she just wants to be darker but not darker than a 6. I use...
  3. E

    Help with ash grey toner

    I have a client tomorrow and wants her hair like the picture attached but not sure what toner is would be the best . As I will be doing balayage first then toner? So maybe like a Ashley Fred but need more opinions from you guys😊
  4. Gs Nails and Beauty

    Directions with colour correction

    So hair is not my area of expertise but I’m really hoping someone can help me! I had blonde ombré that, during lockdown, I stupidly decided to dye Purple using Directions dye. It has now washed out but left my hair a pale Green and Yellow. I tried to use a hair colour remover but it didn’t do...
  5. K

    Half head colour

    Hi my friends daughter has asked if I could colour her hair. She has base shade of 6 which is virgin but wants to part her hair down the middle and have half her natural colour and the other half koleston 12/81. I haven’t done colour for quite some time as I now only cut so a bit rusty. I...
  6. R

    IBD Just gel colours transparent?

    So I have used a few different IBD colour gel before but just got a bunch more but I have noticed that pretty much every colour I have needs minimum 3 coats of colour. Every other brand I use I only need 2 coats. Anyone else found this???
  7. C

    Wella colour choice?

    Hey! I’m recently qualified and still struggle sometimes with colour choice.. My client is aiming for these kinda warm colours.. maybe not as much lightness thoughout though. We are going to balayage.. what would your colour choices be? I’m thinking maybe 6/7 or 6/3 roots Balayage bleach...
  8. Hairbyadamphilip

    Best toners for beige blonde?

    Hey guys, Looking for recommendations for beige blonde toners that you guys love!
  9. charlottesteward03

    Need help with a naturally ginger client!

    So I’ve been doing this particular client for 4 and a half years. She’s always had a full head of roots touch-up using 6.0 & 6.1 mixed with 6% which has always covered the warmth from her ginger. Then she has a full head of bleach highlights after. Her hair was getting into great condition until...
  10. Tinytotx

    Wella Color Create

    For those who have worked with Wella’s Color Create.. I have a client looking for bubblegum pink hair. Color create is my preference of semi permanent fashion colour, however, it is fairly pricy for clients. I’ve seen folk dilute other semi brands like Crazy Color and Directions using...