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  1. C

    New nail tech from South Africa

    Hi everyone! I'm a somewhat new nail tech. I know enough to give a good quality service, but have alot of room to expand and learn new things. I'm self-taught from 2016 but only started taking it seriously in 2019. I love GlamPro gel and I am currently learning acrylic with monomer. (Any...
  2. S

    L2 C&G Nail Tech

    Hello! Newbie in training here 👋 Due to complete the course in Dec but confused at which services I can actually offer when I'm qualified? I know I'll be able to do acrylic enhancements for sure as this is the enhancement we are practising. We have been shown how to do UV gel application...
  3. I

    Light elegance cleanser vs scrubfresh

    Hey! Is there a difference between the light elegance cleanser and CNDs scrubfresh? I’ve just switched to LE p+ from CND Shellac and I’m still currently using up my CND prep products incl scrubfresh and disperse. wondered what people’s thoughts were? Xx
  4. M

    Best gel polish?

    I am newly qualified in gel polish and currently looking into what gel brand to purchase, I have narrowed it down and the ones that have caught my eye are: - glitterbells - DND - miss u - candy coat - halo If anyone has used any of these brands it would be great for your feedback on them :)...
  5. M

    Advice for nail tech/eyelash tech training in Ireland

    Hi all, bit of background - have worked for many years as a hair extensionist, mainly out of a family hair salon in Spain. I have been back in Ireland since the Covid and am planning on staying here until early next year when I will return to Spain. I love my job with hair but I have always...
  6. B

    Gel nails popping off, ready to give up and quit

    Hi everyone, I'm a nail tech in BC, Canada, who had graduated in December and is now working in a wonderful salon since March. When I was in school, I had the occasional nail fall off but nothing crazy. However, ever since I started at this salon, almost all of my gel sets have been falling...
  7. Xlara

    Seeking wholesale/bulk OPI gel polishes

    Seeking good website to purchase opi gel in bulk/wholesale, any recommendations?
  8. Loulaaxx

    Halo gel polish

    I was looking at getting some halo gel polish ... I currently use gel by gel nails and it is fab ... halo gel have soo many colours but I don’t want to buy a few colours if they are not going to last ... I would still be using my gel by gel nails base and top coat ... please let me know your...
  9. S

    New to gels, recommendations greatly appreciated!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to gels although I have been doing nails for several years. Can you all post your favorite brands? It's overwhelming at all the brands that are available out there. Any advice would be appreciated especially on specific brands! Thanks in advance!
  10. D

    Sally’s nail training?

    Hi I have been wanting to start nails and all things beauty for about 5 years and keep on putting it off for not being able to afford to buy a lot of products, scared I won’t be good enough, jnow that ALOT of people are now in this industry. when I saw the cost of the Sally’s ASP manicure and...
  11. J

    Starting mobile technician business

    Hello everyone, I’m due to start my mobile nail technician business next month and I was wondering what people’s set ups are. Do I need to buy a usb nail lamp and plug it into a portable charger? Or do people just plug their lamps into a wall? I also need advice on how to promote my business...
  12. AphroditeNails

    Naio gel polish removal

    Hi this is my first post I am a newly trained nail technician and am using naio gel polishes however am struggling to get it off.. I am prepping well and using dehydrator, base coat, gel polish and top coat. I have tried using 100% pure acetone and even more than 20 minutes and still not coming...
  13. LinF

    Speeding up gel extensions

    Hi, I'm training in gel extensions but I'm really struggling with timeing. Does anyone have any tips? I use ibd clear and builder with tips and gel polish
  14. K

    IBD Just Gel polish lifting issues!

    So I’ve recently qualified to do gel nail applications, and started off my mobile business. My first few clients while getting started have obviously been friends but I’m concerned to note that out of the 6 people I’ve done 4 have had lifting on the corners of their nails. I’ve followed the prep...
  15. Abbiegolland95

    Am I able to offer gel polish?

    I recently passed in Acrylic overlay with nail tips. Looking at getting some additional training in Mani/Pedi there is an option to add inc gel polish but quite confused as on my course I did put a top coat on and use the UV Lamp so would I be able to offer gel polish as a service ? If not I'm...
  16. K

    Rubber base questions

    Hey! I lately found out how you use rubber base. I have a few questions though... How do you remove it? Can you soak it off? Can you use it on anyone or just on weak nails? Lastly, I heard that there is such a thing “hard gel” and you use it like you use rubber base except this is for long and...
  17. A

    Best gel for a student?

    Hi sorry this is my first post, I’m studying beauty therapy right now and we were advised to get our own gel for practising at home. I just wanted to know what some good brands were? Ideally not super expensive as I can’t afford to pay loads and I’m only using them on myself and family. As I’m...
  18. K

    Slow gel removal

    Hi, I need help.. I’m using Trugel gel remover and it takes 2 hours to take the gel off the nails! I guess it’s the brand I’m using but still what can I do? Should I use pure acetone?
  19. M

    Anti fungal treatment before applying Polygel?

    I've watched so many videos about applying poly gel to nails. But none of them applied anti fungal to nails before applying bond coat and base coat. Is it because it's not needed with poly gel? But technicians working in Tehran, Iran do! Is it also because poly gels in America don't need anti...
  20. S

    Capping Gel Bottle Inc?

    Hi, I’m testing out some gel bottle inc colours and am going on a course very soon. Just wondered if you cap the free edge first or last when painting? I used to use gelish and they always taught first but just wondered if this was different with the gel bottle? Also if it still only a thin...