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  1. S

    Allergic to gel on fingers but not toes

    Hi, I’ve been doing my own nails with gelish for about a year and everything worked fine. I then damaged my nails by removing the gel wrong so I took a break for 5 months to give my nails a rest. Now that I’ve started using the gel again I seem to be reacting to it. My cuticles get itchy as...
  2. I

    Gelish 18G versus cheaper lamps

    I have a very old Gelish 6G lamp, which still works great, but does not take a full hand. As the Gelish 18G lamp is rather expensive, I was considering going for one of the cheaper options online. Does anyone know if they are much slower to cure. For example the Mylee Pro or the LKE Sun? I...
  3. EllDaisy

    Gelish vs The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi all, I have always used Gelish as my brand of choice, but recently I’m finding some gorgeous ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ manicures on social media and I’m dying to give them a try! obviously I would purchase the top coat/base coat etc, but I’m not too familiar with BIAB application. Please could...
  4. ElysianAnnie

    The best gel polish system?

    I have been using Gelish for around 8 years now but starting to feel abit disappointed each time they release a new colour collection. Also, Gelish has somehow started to not bond properly to my longest clients nails, who used to get a good 4/5 weeks worth, I haven’t changed a thing with my...
  5. S

    Gelish toes

    Hello? I forgot to apply ph bond before foundation when doing gelish toes! Silly of me, do you think they will be ok with out it? Has anyone ever forgot before? I just went from cleanser to foundation. I’m hoping because toes are more hard wearing it’ll be ok. Any reassurance would be great...
  6. S

    Gelish shrinking

    does Gelish only occasionally Shrink on the first layer of colour? I was wondering if anyone new why it did this? And if it does it on the 2nd colour coat or top coat too? As I’ve heard of flash curing the 1st colour coat but not any other layers? Do I need to flash cure the top coat too or the...
  7. S

    Gelish 18g lamp?

    Can anyone help with hand placement in the 18g lamp please? I worry that the hand is too far in or not far enough in to be cured properly. How do you explain to the client to put there hand in? I feel like it hard to see if it’s in the right place as you obviously can’t see inside the lamp...
  8. S

    Gelish chipping

    I am qualified in gelish and have done a lot of nails since and I’m getting mixed results. Some people come back with 2-3 weeks no chips and others they only last about a week! My routine is - Remove any polish on the nail File nails Dry cuticle work Then buff the nail very lightly Then brush...
  9. S

    Hand placement in Gelish lamp?

    Hi, Does anyone who uses gelish 18g lamp have any tips on hand placement please? How do you know your clients have their hand correctly placed in the lamp? Do you put something inside or can you tell by looking at them? I’ve heard to look out for ‘thumb clevage’? I’m just trying to exclude any...
  10. EllDaisy

    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi all, I’ve recently seen a lot of posts on social media about ‘The Gel Bottle Inc’ and loveeee the look of the product, colours and results, but don’t really no much about it at all. Could someone please advise? My current system I use is Gelish which I love and would still want to use - is...
  11. M

    Kiara Sky/SNS/Cuccio/Gelish, which brand is best?

    Hi Guys A few of my clients have been asking about wanting to try a nail dip system (I currently just offer Biosculpture gel). After a lot of googling, "Kiara Sky" and "SNS" seem to be coming up most often, and I'm slightly leaning towards Kiara Sky. I was wondering if anyone out there has...
  12. S

    Is it possible to overcure Gelish?

    Hi is it possible to overcure top coat gelish? I was doing nails the other day and couldn’t remember if my lamp switched on to cure the top coat for 30 seconds (it’s the sensored 18g lamp) silly of me I know not to notice!! But I then asked the lady to put her nails in again do for 30secs. I’m...
  13. S

    Gelish nails chipping?

    One clients experience chipping 5 days after having gelish done, most get 2-3 weeks or at least 10 days, I have given solar oil and after care advice and she’s said she’s followed it but from this picture does it look like oil is being used? I think they look very dry, I can’t think of what else...
  14. S

    Gelish help

    Hi everyone, I have been using gelish for a good few months now, I have some people who’s gelish last 2-3 weeks but then others are only getting about 10 or so days. I have spoke to the ones who’s have chipped/peeled and they’ve said they haven’t used their cuticle oil much or have been wearing...
  15. J

    Oppertunity to rent space in a large salon for nail bar

    Hi Guys, I’m in the process of taking on the lease for a shop next door to my beauty salon which is situated next door to Sainsbury’s, huge footfall and traffics flow. I’m looking for someone that would like to open up their own Nail Bar, I’m located in High Wycombe, Bucks. Give me a call...
  16. L

    Gel Bottle inc lamp?

    I’ve recently been trained by gelish now I’m seeing The Gel Bottle Inc has good reviews, do people recommend staying with Gelsih products or try Gel Bottle inc? Also would the Gelish 18g led lamp cure The Gel Bottle inc products?