1. Danielle93xo

    Acrylic nails falling off

    Hi, so I’m a new nail tech and I have a client that isn’t complaining in anyway but I’ve done 1 set of nails for her and 1.5 weeks later 5 of the nails have fallen off. I don’t think it’s an issue with what I’ve done as they started falling off after 1 week and when I did her set I had to...
  2. M

    Need hair color advice involving stubborn Goldwell Elumen dye!

    Hi! I need advice, this is long overdue so I really need to finally figure out what's possible with my hair. I'm allergic to hair dye, and the only one I have found that doesn't cause a horrible reaction is Goldwell's Elumen line. I've had BR@6 applied to my hair for a long time but right now...
  3. S

    Gelish chipping

    I am qualified in gelish and have done a lot of nails since and I’m getting mixed results. Some people come back with 2-3 weeks no chips and others they only last about a week! My routine is - Remove any polish on the nail File nails Dry cuticle work Then buff the nail very lightly Then brush...

    Training in Cape Town for nails - kindly advise

    Hello, I am wanting to do a nail course in Cape Town, South Africa; and have seen so many options and standards. I kindly need some advice on which standard to go for and does anyone recommend any training courses please? I need guidance, thanks so much. My goal is to open my own work-from-home...
  5. C

    First lash set - help

    This one of my first ever sets of lashes. I'm really struggling and most of the time feel like throwing in the towel! I find it really stressful and my model actually had a tremor so it was very hard to focus on isolation and glue control as she was shaking uncontrollably and kept opening her...
  6. S

    Hand placement in Gelish lamp?

    Hi, Does anyone who uses gelish 18g lamp have any tips on hand placement please? How do you know your clients have their hand correctly placed in the lamp? Do you put something inside or can you tell by looking at them? I’ve heard to look out for ‘thumb clevage’? I’m just trying to exclude any...
  7. H

    Colored acrylic help!

    I've been a nail tech for 4 years now and I've been doing a lot more of colored acrylic sets, and I used to not have any issues with my gel top coats peeling off but lately it's been a big issue! Not one issue at all when I use gel polish over the acrylic enhancement and top coat. It's only when...
  8. S

    Is it possible to overcure Gelish?

    Hi is it possible to overcure top coat gelish? I was doing nails the other day and couldn’t remember if my lamp switched on to cure the top coat for 30 seconds (it’s the sensored 18g lamp) silly of me I know not to notice!! But I then asked the lady to put her nails in again do for 30secs. I’m...
  9. IndiaRoisin

    Sanitising palettes help?

    I just finished doing a clients make up and got home to find I left my alcohol spray bottle at her house, I’m worried that if I don’t sanatise my palettes ASAP they will be germy and stuff and build bacteria?? I’ve ordered new alcohol and spray bottle off amazon but the earliest it can get here...
  10. A

    Microblading mobile

    Hello I just got contact from K.P brow who said that I'd have to be in a shop or rent a room to do microblading and I wouldn't be able to do this mobile? Is this correct or is this something they maybe have to suggest for their own public liability... Thanks
  11. IndiaRoisin

    New make up artist, how much to charge?

    Hi all, I'm going to be doing a complete make up training course this week with The Beauty Academy and I was wondering if anyone knew what would be a good rate to charge clients after I've completed? I know some people do discounted rates so that they can build up a portfolio, is this a good...
  12. S

    Baby lights to bright blonde on vulnerable hair

    I have a new client with fine hair. She hadn't coloured her hair for 18 months after a chemical cut. Most of the damaged hair had been cut off. She wanted to go back blonde and went to a salon, they gave her a full head of baby highlights, lots of them but SUPER fine. She now has a dull, dirty...
  13. MilburnL

    Client has given me an image, need advice on what toner

    I thought of maybe using the wella 10/16 Anybody else have a better idea?
  14. Poppey’shair

    Blonde to brown

    Hi all just after some help with going from white blonde to brunette. I recently bleached my roots but most of it only lifted to a ginger as I had a root drag over my blonde for a while which I wanted to get rid of. I put a toner on it I used 12/11 and 12/89 which just made my hair go a grey and...
  15. Casey.v

    Hot roots

    So I’ve been using matrix socolor an color sync for 5 years...but recently I’ve been getting hot roots! I use 20 vol with so color an for grey coverage,what am I doing wrong?? I’ve tried going a shade darker but don’t want to go to dark heeeeeeeelp please an thank you
  16. Aish

    New to extensions, need to find good well priced brand

    Hey all, So I’m new to extensions and have trained in fusion bonding, easy shrinks, micro rings/links, nano rings and mini tubes. I have friends that want micro rings/nano rings fitting and Ive said I will only be charging them for the hair so I can get a bit of practice in before opening fully...
  17. GirlInNeedOfHelp

    My hair is driving me insane, help please!

    Hi I have super curly hair naturally and it’s not a nice super curly. It does my head in and can’t get it tamed. I would love to have it a bit straighter but every time I use hair straighteners my hair goes massively frizzy and it only lasts a couple of hours at the most because it’s too humid...
  18. Princessintraining

    Help, what’s my qualification?

    hello lovlies! so I have completed the following course Now i would like to be able to offer gel polish, nail art of all types, extensions (so i have booked onto a free form sculpting diploma) and hard gel...
  19. Princessintraining

    Help, can I offer forms for extensions?

    Hello, so I have just completed my Nail Technician Professional - Gel Diploma level 2. I am awaiting my results however even though the course stated it covered extensions it only went over the application of tips. My question is will i be able to offer my clients extensions via forms? Or will i...
  20. I

    I asked my hairdresser for blonde and got blue/grey!

    Please help, i dont know what to do. I have a wedding coming up in two weeks!!! My hair was blonde/orangeishhh when i went to the salon. I asked to get a pretty blonde without the orange. At first she bleached my hair and it was super yellowish white. Then she dyed it again and it is now...