Nail tech filed through my nail plate!


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I got my nails done at a home salon, and when she was filing the acrylic down the sides of my nails, it was super painful and started to bleed on 2 fingers, so I asked her to stop. Low and behold, after further inspection, I realized she had literally filed through my nail! There was a raw hole (with now dried blood!) about a millimetre off the cuticle on one finger and the other finger just lacked nail plate for about a millimetre off the cuticle. The exposed nail plate on the finger with the hole is also paper-thin. No wonder it hurt so bad! I requested that she leave those areas alone when applying the gel polish afterwards. She did so and gave me a $5 discount, but I am concerned with infection as her "home salon" isn't the most sanitary, she isn't very qualified, etc. It was my first time coming to her salon. I have been putting Neosporin and bandages on the 2 fingers, but they hurt like hell! I am praying that they grow out and now know not to visit her salon again! Any advice on what to do in this situation would be very appreciated! Lowkey freaking out!
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It will grow out. Keep a covering on it either gel, polish as this will help protect them

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It’s happened to me before with acrylics. After it healed (within days) it grew out totally fine. It was just a hole in the nail and eventually it was gone. She already knows she’s messed up as she gave you a discount. She’s probably feeling really worried about it, we all do. But there is always a risk of nail damage with all nail services and hopefully it will spur the tech will be more careful in future and you will advocate more for yourself and speak up as soon as it’s uncomfortable next time too.


If she isn’t “very qualified” I would not have gone to her to get nails done, go to a professional next time.