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  1. C


    I’ve currently got full head bleach I used wella blondor cream bleach with 20 vol and I used 9a box dye, I’m wanting to use full head tint once my root starts showing can I use wella kp 10/8 as that’s more or less the colour my hair is and my natural base is 7/8 if I can’t what vol do I use and...
  2. C

    Lash tinting

    Im starting out in beauty everything i have done is fine except a lash tint i did my first person and she said it was stinging her during it, then also the next morning. I then tried it on myself and it stung me too. Its refectocil so we werent allergic. I presume the tint is just seeping into...
  3. E

    Tint turned hair auburn

    hello, My friend has a tint put on her naturally dark hair (I’d say she’s around a level 4/5) and the tint was a level 8. The hairdresser didn’t use any bleach, just tint. Now instead of being blonde, her hair looks a lot more auburn and is still pretty dark too. Dan anyone explain why this...
  4. rach_267

    Brow lamination - tint

    Hi everyone, I’ve just trained in brow lamination and have carried out one practice treatment on myself and one on a friend. On my own the tint came out so dark! I left it on my friend for half the time (1.5 mins) and it’s still really dark. Has anyone else found this? I wonder it’s because of...
  5. L

    Brow lamination, tint and shape

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently qualified a brow lamination course and wondered when offering this service combined with a tint and shape/wax, what order is best to do the treatment in? Does anyone have any advice or tips on this? Thanks in advance
  6. A

    Last lift product Elleebana

    Hi all, I’ve been trained in lash lifts & started using salon system which I didn’t get on too well with so switched to Airlift. I find I get great results however for clients who want the ‘pulled up’ lash look all my airlift lifts are always curled. I have since purchased a Elleebana test kit...
  7. A

    Belmacil vs Refectocil tint

    Has anyone compared both of these brands of tint? I’ve only used Belmacil on eyelashes after a lash lift and the results are nice but I’d like to know how they compare in comparison to Refectocil on brows and standard lash tints!
  8. K

    Half head colour

    Hi my friends daughter has asked if I could colour her hair. She has base shade of 6 which is virgin but wants to part her hair down the middle and have half her natural colour and the other half koleston 12/81. I haven’t done colour for quite some time as I now only cut so a bit rusty. I...
  9. H

    Eyebrow help!

    So, I have working for a very big brand proving brow treatments for about 3 1/2 years now and been in the industry for over 4 years. So safe to say, I know my brows! It’s my favourite ever treatment to do. So, I do so many wax and tints day in and day out, now I am starting my business on the...
  10. S

    Lash & brow tinting

    How do you all prep the brows or lashes for tinting? Is wiping over with oil free makeup remover, then water with Cotton pads damp, dry & proceed with tint enough? Thank you
  11. P

    Lash lift not working

    Hi all I’m qualified in lash lift and have been using salon system products which I really like. I have one client tho who is mature and the lashes just aren’t taking to the lift. I have tried a large shield and I have tried perming rods. Her natural lashes curl at the sides, and the rest are...
  12. A

    Long-lasting brow tint

    Im using Hi-Brow tint which only lasts about 5 days to 1 week. Can anyone recommend me a good brand of tint that lasts for a long time please? I have used belmacil tint for lash lift but haven't been able to use it for brows as the only colour i have is blue-black, is it worth buying different...