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  1. C

    Wella KP 9/04 help!

    Help I’m so confused— a client requested KP 9/04 as her single process base color but I don’t think it’s available in the USA? How could I go about making something similar? I plan on doing a few test formulations but would love to hear any suggestions! Thanks 🫠
  2. A

    Wella even colour

    Hi, my client wants to even out the colour and dark Auburn brown colour… I am planning to mix wella illumina 6.0 +7.43 in 50/50 formula proportions and use 6vol 20% developer welloxon. Should I start applying at the roots? Go all over or start from the lighter parts? - apologies If silly...
  3. Ineslassoued2010

    Wella illumina advice

    After coloring roots with 7.81 and 6 illumina with 1.9% pastel color and rest of hair with 9.03 and 10 and 9.7 the hair was fine but after first wash hair turned brassy and orangy what should i do
  4. Beau91

    Wella colour

    Hi so I have a client that was Bleach blonde highlights all over She put 5.5 all over her hair with a box colour. It's very patchy and as you can imagine fading. She wants a nice rich brown. I've always used wella so want to stick with that. Just wondering what you guys would use to...
  5. B

    Wella special blonde and special mix

    Hi all I previously used Wella KP 12/81 and 0/81 to lighten my hair. During the numerous lockdowns I have reverted to Blondor and toning with CT as it’s what I had available but wanting togo back to special blondes but the 0/81 is no longer available. I am thinking of using 12/89 with 0/66...
  6. L

    Perfect ash toner

    Hey everyone, I’m lifting my clients hair and she wants to be ash, white almost. I haven’t tried dia light but I was thinking to use dia light 9.01 or 9.11 after bleaching .Can anyone recommend if they have used either. She wants to achieve something like this picture. Would really appreciate...
  7. H

    Wella blonde to copper

    Hi all! So I specialise mainly in blondes, and I’m finding a few of my blondes are wanting to go copper. I have never done a copper colour before!! Can someone please give me some colour advice... I use wella. I have attached a picture of my clients colour, she is a natural 6 and has been...
  8. S

    Ilumina Wella colouring advice?

    Hi, I’m currently working With a client, with 40% grey, root colour 5/81, with 6% developer. She wants to go go a shade lighter mid to ends to a chocolate brown, I was thinking of using60% 5/81 and mixing 40% of 7/81 With 9% developer. Her base is a 5. any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  9. H

    Warm blondes over ashy blondes Wella

    Hi I’m warming up my clients hair like the picture shown.. Her hair is level 10 atm and usually has it quite ashy. I’m thinking colour touch 7/03 and 7/71 on her root and pull bits through with that, and then tone with 9/03 and 9/36 on her ends? Would this be ok? (All with 1.9% on wet hair) I...
  10. H

    Wella colour advice

    I have a client coming who usually has foils, she’s a 6 at her root and probably like a warm 8 on her ends She’s wanting this colour I was thinking colour touch doing 5/0 on her root, can anyone reccomend what to tone her ends with? Thanks in advance!
  11. C

    Wella colour change up

    Hello, My client wants a change up.. last time we added foils throughout as well as a root colour in between (6/71 + 12g 5/0) and toned with 12g 7/97 + 6g 7/86 + 6g 6/71 (roots) and 7g 9/03 + 7g 7/03 (ends) this time she wants to go more chestnutty, like the image attached, the colour on the...
  12. C

    Highlights and grey hair Wella

    I have a new client- she has a lot of grey hair and doesn’t want to embrace it yet! I’ll add pics of her hair and the sort of thing she’s aiming for. She hates the grey and wants that covered! I’m thinking of doing a full head of highlights, and a colour inbetween and then a root smudge toner...
  13. G

    Wella 77/43 question

    I am training in hair color, and I am new to Wella. I have seen Koleston 77/43 recommended for resistant gray/white hair but also recommended as a very intense color for those who want a really punchy color but aren’t necessarily graying. I’m wondering if both can be true, as I am concerned that...
  14. H

    Illumina Wella

    Hey! when I do root smudges I tend to use colour touch and do it on wet hair because it blends sooo much better and they advise you use colour touch on we hair anyway don’t they... I’m wanting to do a root smudge with 6/16 illumina, could I do this on wet hair? Would it cover still? She has no...
  15. L

    Help with Wella Koleston Perfect me + special mix?

    Just getting started in hair colouring as I'm more focused on skincare. Did some research on wella koleston as a friend offered to help me out and picked a shade she liked. For special mix, do I have to mix it with another colour creme too? I successfully bleached her hair and have ordered...
  16. C

    Wella colour and technique help!

    Hello, I have a client that is naturally around a base 5, then has old colour build up and lighter ends. I will attach the photo of what she has and what she’s wanting (to be done after lockdown). She also mentions she wants to get rid of the line where the two colours meet. And really likes...
  17. D

    Help with brass

    my client whilst in lockdown has bleached her hair 3 times. Natural level 4. Hair didnt lift well she went orange and has since used an ash blonde box dye. Which is extremely brassy. She wants to stay as light as possible but ive refused to bleach anymore as hair is compromised. I use wella I...
  18. G

    Wella toners

    Hey Guys! I wanted to find out what wella toners everyone loves? i always go for the standard 10/16 koleston perfect, but i wanted to see if anyone else uses any other shades. Most of my clients are young and wanting to lightest of blonde shades, therefore i use this shade as it isnt any what...