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Apr 2, 2006
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Just some information for some nail techs that are thinking of going self employed but too scared cos of money, i recently decided to rent space at a hairdressers where the owner told me about a £1000 business grant from business gateway i was entitled to so i enquired about it, had a few meeting with the business adviser there and am getting my cheque on wed!! cant wait to get some courses booked and loadsa stock when everythings back to normal :green:
just thought id let everyone know cause before the salon owner told me about it i had no clue and was worrying about being self employed with no steady income!!! mayb its comon knowledge and im just slow though!! :green:
Hi there.
I was wondering if there was any funding available for that sort of thing as well.
I have been working for 5 years self employed but would love to do more courses, tanning etc, but having to save for them is a struggle.

My income is well below the amount where I would have to start paying tax.
Do you know what the criteria is in order to get a grant, i.e. is it my income or does
my husband's income get taken into account.

I am based in East Kilbride, near Glasgow.

Thanks x
is it just a scottish grant? or do you have some details ie, website or number hun? thanks

also is there a qualifying age etc , a lot of grants are for people under 25 arent they

nicky xx
Im not sure if its just a scottish thing i dont think so cause its in association with the princes trust organisation, i know that the grant i got was part of the 18 - 25's grant so im not sure about the age thing but im sure if you get in contact with them they'd tell you all the info, they also do loans! the website is
Business Link | Scottish Enterprise

you should find all the info on there, the only number i have is for the edinburgh based one but im sure the website will have your local area number xx
Thanks for that,
I have registered with the link you gave and will go back when i have more time.
It looks like there are a lot of forms etc to fill in!
Mind you at 36 I don't think they will offer me any help!!!
It's worth a try though, thanks x
Hi, Thanks for that. I've applied online and will see what happens! You never know!

Just to let others in my area know I went to business link online and they have a section about grants- give it a try! xx

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