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Aug 22, 2009
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Hey everyone, I've just watched 10 years younger and they did an Active Vitamin Facial (I think thats what they called it?). Does anyone else offer this in their salon and is it any good? I would like to start using it if it is good but I already use Crystal Clear which I love so if the results are no better then I'll leave it.
Yes I do this facial its actually the Environ Ionzyme facial with the Ionzyme DF machine. I can honestly say its amazing and the results are brilliant, my clients love it and can really see the difference and they adore the products. Its the only facial I've ever seen with such good results so quickly! Their customer service and training is second to none also! x
From a customer point of view, the Environ products are amazing! My skin has never been better. I also recently started stocking Environ and it has been very successful x
So do Environ sell the Ionzyme DF machine or do I have to get that somewhere else?
So do Environ sell the Ionzyme DF machine or do I have to get that somewhere else?

Environ are the only people you can purchase this machine from.
can you use galvanic when using the products to get the same effect?
Yes you can use galvanic, that gives you 400% more product penetration whereas the ionzyme df machine, which is sonophoresis and iontophoresis, will give you 4000%!! They give you the option of either on the training. X
I obviously use another skin care range so is it like galvanic where they have their own specific products and I don't need to buy a whole new range just for one treatment?
Also, can anyone give me a link to their website please because it keeps coming up with the error 404 message when I google it?

Thanks guys :hug:
Hey do you have to purchse a minimum order with this brand? x
Cant remember the link to the UK Distributor but the main website is Environ

There is a minimum opening order, plus £xx for the introductory training (4 days, plus one free on the nutritional range if memory serves). I think you need to complete the training before you can place your opening order.

I can't wait to get the products in myself!

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