150g LA Weave over two rows


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Aug 4, 2015
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United Kingdom
I was browsing through Instagram this morning looking at different weaves. I came across one account, and had a look at this ladies work, and on one of her images she had put "150g over two rows"

How can you do this? I did a weave last week and got 150g over four rows? They were all double so I guess I could have done two quad rows but surely this is a lot of tension?!
Yeah thats way too much tension!

If its a braided weave then its not as bad, i see loads of them here, sometimes 2 packs over 2 rows.
Nooooooo!!!! Way too much
I usually do 3-4 rows doubled for 150g xxx
I mean in all honesty it depends how thick the clients hair is. If their hair is thick enough to hold it then yeah but it also depends on the weft brand, if you have to quad the weft its just way too bulky.
I have worn 150g on two rows and it was fine. I have a lot of hair myself to spread it over

Was very bulky on the bottom row which was 100g , then 50g on top row to hide the bulk.

Wouldn't wear 100g on one row again due to being uncomfortable to sleep on but it did no damage.

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