1g Indian remy bonds for hair extensions?


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May 26, 2009
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Hi geeks, just looking for some recommendations as to where I can purchase 1g bonds (stick tip or micro loop)

I would be looking for 18", 20" getting alot of requests for these lately due to other extensionist in my area offering these as standard fitting?

I would 1st like to try these on myself as I understand not all clients hair will be suitable for the 1g bonds, but would be great to be able to offer these for clients who would be suitable. Would love to see if they make a difference to fittings and in turn business?

I Google, but only allibaba came up and ebay

Thanks for any help.
0.8 g shop at additional lengths but i have not seen 1 g ??
don't quote me on this but ive been doing pre bonded a while now and have tried a fair few of the suppliers. and I personally think it's a sneaky trick of the extensionist advertising 1g bonds when they are really using 0.8g instead of the 0.5g.

it's fierce competition and it's a way of standing out from the crowd. I personally wouldn't do it.

only 1g bonds I can think of (apart from eBay) is lush us but that's 22" and obviously taking into consideration the length......
I forgot to say that hairxtensions.co.uk do the 1g strands. Chinese hair tho
hth x
Thank you for your reply's :)

There was a place "millionaire hair extensions" near me that was selling them, but is no longer sourcing the hair!

I just can't see where they are getting the hair from, there are quite a few advertising 1g bonds, just baffling!

There are also a few shops in Glasgow selling "1g remy" but it's definitely Chinese hair, unless that's what they are using?

I was taught that the 1g is actually measured by the amount of hair in the length and not just how thick a bond was- 18inch is 0.8g and 22inch-1g but one bond isn't thicker than the other just because it's longer its classed as more hair- hope that makes sense lolx
Lush 22" are 1g bonds x
I use 1gram strands I buy them from plat lux hair in Dublin. They deliver to the UK as far as I know. It is usually €25 for 25 gram packs of indian remy with italian keratin 20" and they always have offers on their FB page like discounts etc. I also get a discount for wholesale prices when you purchase more hair.

Hope that might help.
extensionelle sells 1gram hair ive had it from them before and it was good quality xx
I bought 100s 18" loop, Indian remy 1g ,for £85 from hairportbyvalentine, iv used them quite a lot recently as my usual supplier ( lush us ) hasn't had what I wanted in stock, Iv had nothing but good comments about the hair from here nd they are really helpful as you can chat ith them on Facebook if you have any queries, :p

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