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nutty geek
Feb 8, 2003
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hello all,
did my second master class with marco yesterday, what can i say it was brilliant, i have been struggling with the thickness of the nails and after geeg had a look at a set i had done and pointed out a few things, what i did was print geegs reply and took it with me for marco to see, later in the day when we got to the nitty gritty he showed and explained where i was going wrong, the penny suddenly dropped and i did some thin beautiful nails i could`nt believe it :eek: i have been struggling with, are they too thick, too thin, they were to THICK and i was concentrating too much on trying to get the apex right, mine were mountains lol.
for anyone else struggling out there, the only way to stop pulling your hair out is to get yourself booked in for more training !
many thanks to geeg and marco!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad your 'lights went on'!!! That's what these classes are for!
Now you are all excited ... enthusiasm renewed, and a worthwhile days training.

If YOU are struggling .... DON'T .... there is no need. Help is available and a good time too. All of the Creative Ambassadors are wonderful .... But Marco is cute isn't he??? hee hee! :biggrin:
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