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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, has anyone done the 3 or 4 day course with creative for nail extensions? If so, which system is the best one to use? (acrylic, gels or fibreglass?).
I was going to do the course at the college where i did my manicure and pedicure but they were a nightmare and ive just heard they are still no better! They have been messing up exams, giving wrong papers, cancelling them, teaching wrong info etc!
Im just a bit stuck as i have 2 children and cant do a full-time course, dont like the idea of a home course as everyones been saying its not as good as having a tutor, so thought of this short course. Its about £400 and that includes the kit but its only teaching acrylic. I cant afford to do 3 courses to learn acrylic, gel and fibreglass so would prefer to be able to start of doing one for now - but which one is the most popular with customers?...:eek:
Personally i think L&P (acrylic) is most popular,
you do get the odd client asking for gel but this is usually because they think it is kinder to their nails than acrylic until we explain to them that all systems are acrylic based,
in terms of strength, L&P then gel then fabric wraps hth
hi emily
i definitley go for the creative L&P, once you get the correct "mix ratio" its much faster and fun!you'll be happy with the job your doing and your clients will be satisfied... dont be surprised that in short time you will afford to do the gel class aswell ;)x
personally...well in the area i live in...acrylic tips are most popular.
so if i were in ur shoes id deffo go with the L&P course.
My Creative L & P Foundation course was the best money I've ever spent and had it returned 100fold to date.
It's a good starting point and then you can go on and learn gels etc if you want.
You won't be 'spot-on' at the beginning and you will need to practice on your own, but to be honest, there's no better educators than Creative.
I say L&P as I think it's the most versatile. It's great to do all 3, but I think doing them all at once would be an overload anyway.
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