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Apr 18, 2003
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I have an ezflow gemstones collection pack and would like to start doing some 3 D art with them, but have no idea where to start :?

What kind of brush do i use for this? does anyone have any tips on where to start? i would like to make flowers and leaves i think that would be the easiest to start with?

Do i do all this after i have finished the nail, as in say pink and whites buffed to a high shine and then i apply the coloured acrylic?

Any advice and tips would be most appreciated :D

Also if anyone knows of anywhere i can see a step by step on this? or if there is such a thing?

Kerrie :)
Hiya Kerrie,
You can download a few step by step designs at http://www.californianails.com 8)
Hope this helps
Emma ;) ;)
Hiya Kerrie

How have you been???

EzFlow coloured acrylics are so fun :) Just use your normal acrylic brush but you need to work very dry... you only need a teeny amount of liquid. I wipe my brush and then wipe again on paper towel and just use the very tip to pick up some powder.

You can place the designs on a finished pink and white nail, after you have buffed, for a 3d look, or embed them in the nail.

Press the coloured powder onto the nail and then use the sides of your brush to press into shape. For a petal, hold the brush vertical and squish (technical term) a line down the centre for a kinda of crease in the petal... make 5 of these, preferably meeting in the middle and choose a different colour for the centre.

Let me know if you have any more questions... as you know I use EzFlow exclusively.
Thanks emma , i went to that site but unfortunatly didnt have what i needed, but thank you anyway :)

Hi Michelle :)

Long time no talk, sorry i havent been around but with working full time in the salon now i dont get any time on here during the day anymore.

I had a play with it today and made a 3 D flower, yes i can see what you mean about working really dry :D i had it running all over the place.

It turned out ok but needs alot of work to look like a normal flower, as far as charging for this i really have no idea? do i charge per nail? on top of a full set price? I was thinking of offering it as an opening special and doing it for free untill i get the knack of it and can make some normal looking flowers.

I was also told toothpicks are good for more detailed work? apparently thats how they do it in bali i was told :D

How is working going? have you started in the salon full time yet?

Kerrie :)
Hiya Kerrie

Glad you are so busy!! I started full time in my new salon on Thursday and I'm loving it... hope to have some pictures up soon... just waiting on a new floor to go down and some frosting to go on the front windows.

As far as charging for coloured acrylics, I was charging $3 per nail but I really don't do them much anymore... can't remember the last client that requested them now I do the handpainted art. So much quicker - I charge $2 per nail or $10 for the full set - most opt for the full set and they generally take me 5 minutes, depending on the design.

Glad all is going well for you - chat soon :)
hey kerrie, ok ideally if you want to start with 3d flowers, ideally you want to use the pastel flower collection. this is a slightly faster set and doesnt self level as much so will hold it shape better and firm up quicker, meaning less time having to work it. like michelle says you do want to work a little drier, especially with the gemstones as these have a more traditional set time. i tend to use pastel flower exclusively for 3d work. i tend to leave the gemstones to adding actual detail as i have a longer working time.

i hope this hasn't confused you too much and if you need any other help please let me know. and finally the step by steps, cant quite remember what we have on our site ;) but you can always try www.ezflow.com

let me know how you get on


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hi anthony :)

Thats what my problem was, the acrylic was taking so long to set and i was having it running all over the nail, I will try the pastels collection and see how i go with that.

Thank you so much for your adivce, and i sure will let you know how i go with it :)

Kerrie :)
I was wondering if i was to use ezflow polymer would it be alright to use creative monomer.

THanks Lisa
Hi Lisa

yes, you can use your own monomer with EZ flow powders. Welcome to the board!

Suey x
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