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  1. B

    30,000 bottles of essie nail polish for sale

    Hi everyone! I have recently aquired over 30000 bottles of essie nail polish for sale. many of it is still in the boxes, 6 packs, 28 packs and 72 packs. does anyone know what the best way to resell this would be? I'm looking to offload it in bulk quanities or mystery packs if that makes sense i...
  2. C

    Amazing apprenticeship opportunities across England

    If you are looking to break into the amazing Hair and Beauty Industry but don't know where to start Kleek Apprenticeships can help you! We work with salons across England helping them to find their next superstar stylist and that could be you. Our apprenticeships are available to learners of...
  3. N

    Facial brand

    Hi I’ve just finished Level 2 beauty and am looking in to brands to use to do facials. I’ve heard good things about Eve Taylor but wondered if anyone has any experience of using it with sensitive skin? Are there any other brands anyone can recommend that I should also consider? Thank you
  4. C

    Lash tinting

    Im starting out in beauty everything i have done is fine except a lash tint i did my first person and she said it was stinging her during it, then also the next morning. I then tried it on myself and it stung me too. Its refectocil so we werent allergic. I presume the tint is just seeping into...
  5. D

    Nail/beauty shows

    does anyone know if there will be any beauty/nail shows going on this year? and when/where they'll be? doing a nail tech course (already a therapist) so would be nice to get some bits for my kit
  6. N

    Maths assessment for course entry

    I am looking to start a beauty therapy course and have seen that i will need to do a maths and english assessment. The english part doesnt bother me but i am hopeless at maths! I'm worried this will ruin my chances. Has anyone else done this and can you shed any light on what to expect...
  7. C

    Opening a hair salon, can I offer gel polish?

    Hi all, I am opening a hair salon with a business partner and we are looking torent out some space for some beauty treatments. we would like to put in a nail bar just to offer basic manicures/pedicures with gel polish. I have tried to look online to see what requirements there are for this in...
  8. B

    Beauty services working from summer house?

    Hi looking for some advice please, I currently do Russian, classic and hybrid lashes from home just on my friends as a hobby, I’m looking into making this my career and I’m starting the pathways in aesthetics in February doing facials with needles & in 6 month time lip fillers, I’m unsure of...
  9. J

    Tint consultation form-help!

    Hi everyone if someone could help me I would really appreciate it!! I’ve been looking at some different consultation forms for HD brows (tint) and I can’t seem to find any ones that are for that?! I’ve seen some people make there own is that a thing or would you not be covered for making your...
  10. B

    Courses advice

    Hi, I have recently qualified 5 months ago in SPMU, but I really want to do more, I currently offer Ombre brows, brow treatments, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. I feel like I am not receiving the client base, I want to purchase a course that offers 14 qualifications and a free teaching...
  11. B

    Opening salon information

    Hi, Me and my friend are opening a beauty salon, we have found a location but I wanted to find out a few things. Are we able to do semi permanent make up and fillers in the same space as nail extensions , we where thinking to get a divider to separate the space? What licensing do we need...
  12. K

    Hair extensions and beauty trainer

    Hi all, so I’m after some advice please. I’ve been doing hair extensions and beauty for around 7 years and I would love to become a trainer. I’m currently doing my AET level 3. Has anyone here had a hair or beauty business and then become a trainer? Did you add the training element to your...
  13. HayleyDenice

    Beauty Level 2 VRQ

    Good Evening! I hope everyone is doing well despite the lockdown. I am new here and would love some advice and even experiences on studying for the VRQ Level 2 Beauty. I am 26 and have been offered a place on a Part time Beauty Level 2 VRQ at East Berkshire College. What is your experience of...
  14. nataliemckeemakeup

    Beauty therapy level 3 equivalent

    Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has heard of this? I’m an NVQ level 2 beauty therapist aswell as a beauty tutor and hold VTCT assessor award. I am also trained and insured to carry out and teach treatments such as microneedling, dermaplane, injectable Mesotherapy, BB Glow and quite a...
  15. F

    Training in hair or beauty at 30

    Hey everyone I’m new to the site and just really wanted some genuine advice I’m turning 29 this month, I have a 9 month old daughter and I need a career. I’ve always had a passion for hair and beauty and I’m itching to start a course at my local college but I’m at a real crossroads as to which...
  16. L


    Hi all, I have just started my own business and I’m renting a room in a holistic/ lash training salon. I have existing clients already (not a lot) but I am trying to find as many ways as possible to promote, I have done leaflet dropping, Facebook and Instagram ads but I am now thinking of going...
  17. J

    Starting mobile technician business

    Hello everyone, I’m due to start my mobile nail technician business next month and I was wondering what people’s set ups are. Do I need to buy a usb nail lamp and plug it into a portable charger? Or do people just plug their lamps into a wall? I also need advice on how to promote my business...
  18. H

    Monat skincare

    Hi All, Has anyone got feedback, opinion or experience with the new Monat skincare range? I’m interested in using it within my beauty facials and possibly retailing it. I’ve tried a few samples and they look and feel lovely. It apparently sold out in a few days and is a brand new range. it...
  19. H

    Eyebrow help!

    So, I have working for a very big brand proving brow treatments for about 3 1/2 years now and been in the industry for over 4 years. So safe to say, I know my brows! It’s my favourite ever treatment to do. So, I do so many wax and tints day in and day out, now I am starting my business on the...
  20. Orchardmakeup

    Lining your trolley?

    Has anyone come up with a better idea to line their trolley than couch roll? Always looks messy. Pics would be great.