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Jan 20, 2012
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West Midlands
I have had a new client say her previous hairdresser uses 6.4 richesse with 10 vol but my client doesn't want it as cherry red, just toned down a bit. What would you all recommend! Needs to be l'oreal xxx
Richesse 6.4 is pure copper so doesnt hav any red in it. But if she wants a less vibrant colour, richesse 6.34 is nice but more of a softer golden copper or you could use the 6.4 and just mix a little base 6 to tone down the copper tones.
What's her natural base?

And why if it's richesse use 10vol?

Don't forget your final color is the colour you apply plus the natural warmth from the base
She has sent me the text from previous hairdresser with the details 6.40 in richesse with 10 vol! Hmm her natural base is a 7 x
Well if your using 6.4 it will add to the underlying pigment of orange so yes it will go red.
maybe use 6.0 with 6.4 Definately use the right developer though not 10vol x

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