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May 26, 2013
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Client back today after 8 weeks of having extensions says they have been falling out and the hair gets very knotty on ends .. She has since had root touch up and cut at another salon what do you do ?
Whats she asking for?

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To have them replaced ! I agreed but it's such a pain and waist of time:(
Id go in with a deep condition first & refit the loss (i guess she kept them), has she been looking after them? Like why have they just started falling out, failed bonds or bad management/shampoo?

Is it hair you normally use & generally ok?

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hang on, Is it possible the root touch up affected the bond, did they run the colour through to the ends last 5 mins? That might explain both problems?

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It's not the hair i normally use its balmaine il replace the fallen ones I had some left over the ones she kept don't have the bonds attached !
I think you should find out if the salon she has been to deal with extensions if not I wouldn't recommend having your extensions look after by someone who hasn't dealt with them before. However, there is a chance it could just be down to a bad batch of hair, if she hasn't had extensions in before she might not be aware of the maintenance side of it. I wouldn't remove them and replace them all, maybe just put in another packet as a good will gesture and stress that aftercare is key and she will lose extensions along the way as you do lose 100 hairs a day naturally :)

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
Balmain have excellent aftercare support for technicians, maybe give them a call but id think by 8 weeks its client care, faulty or cheap hair tends to go after a week or two;, deep condition, retail balmain products and reinforce aftercare advice.

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I had a client who after me doing a really good job in her mixed blondes went and dyed her whole 20" a dark brown out of a packet dye... And then used the concentrated conditioner on them she turned up the next day to my house with a different colour hair... Half head of bonds had slid out ( micro rings ) and the conditioner was still in the back of her hair.

On my consultation form I state that you dye them at your own risk...

Even still!
I washed her hair...re fitted her half head and re positioned her other bonds all free of charge. Sent her off with strict aftercare and still to this day she blames me....

I then offered to remove them all for her and re fit new hair she declined she said she would wait for these to slip out and she would never get them again.

At the end of the day you win some and you lose some.

Aimee :)
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Balmain wont even look at it if shes used other products, if uv told her to use balmain and she hasmt, its her own fault. But i kniw when i one my balmain trining, you send a strand off to them, and they test it first to see what you have been using xx

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