A Nail Tech on Survivor?!?


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May 25, 2003
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Ford City, PA USA
Any fans of Survivor out there in Geek Land? Well, I sent in my audition tape and application this week! I am practicing very hard at rubbing two nail files together real fast to get a spark and have that spark fall into acetone for instant fire!! I also thought that giving a kick butt foot massage to other tribe members would make me a popular tribe mate.

What do you all think?

Wish me luck, maybe I will get on and show the world that Nail Techs Kick Butt!!!
Rhonda ... we love ya!!

Good luck ... you'll certainly bring a new approach with you :D :D
Hi Rhonda,


Let us know how you go on! Just think you'd stand a good chance of winning it, think of all the support you would have from us geeks!!!

Lou xxx :D
Great idea, not sure about wear and tear on the old nails though, let us know how you get on
Rhonda - if you get on... don't forget to mention Creative every other sentance!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: :rolleyes: ;) :shock: You know me - Mrs PR Geek :oops: :oops: ;)
Mrs. Geek, I had already planned on getting my hands on a Creative shirt that I could wear! Not sure if they would let you wear logo stuff, but I thought I would try! The Geek Thong will be another item!!

Debs, IF I can take the manicuring kit with me, not only will I be able to provide fire for my tribe, they will have the best looking nails in the place, where ever it may be! LOL!

Final note, I plan on going on the Hagen Daz (really fattening ice cream) diet so that I won't have to eat the bugs and slugs for energy. I plan to have extra junk in the trunk to live off of. Plus, it's like going to fat camp, I may as well have fun putting it on!! Don't know how good the Geek Thong will look, though! LOL!
Ask my kids what my favorite show is... Survivor!
I would love to get on! I think I could make it far. Maybe not sneaky enough for first place ....

If I could take that much time off work.. I would do it.
Only thing is.. I will not eat a cockroach.
Living in Hawaii we get the big cadillac cockroaches.. once there was one floating in my coffee cup left from my morning coffee/computer... I have never drank out of that coffee cup again. I got a real problem with those monsters.

How cool if you make it on the show!
Hey Rhonda good luck I hope you make it on a future show! If you are also a fan of the current Big Brother 4 (US version) you will notice that Jun flashes and talks about her nails alot. And I recall one show where they were painting the guys' toenails.
Sawadee ka

I look suvivor Thailand and i think if you want win survivor you not eat too much not eat and get fat you get body fit and strong .

Learn now how wash and no have shower and wash body from have bowl water in your country if you wear sarong and wash everything with small bowl water tip your head and your body clean every thing .

When you have surivor and have to eat bug or something you not think too much what you eat and if you think aroi taste good you can eat for sure .

I live Thai village 19 year same survivor and you can live and have happy time and stay long time no poblem .

I hope i see you survivor and i want you have prize and enjoy too much .

You learn not think too much and have quiet befor you go survivor

Kop khun ka mui
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