Acetone & smile lines


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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi, i tried the tip given to me before about a small brush dipped in acetone.
my nails look 'quite good' i did do them at 12.30 this morning!!!
i worried though, as i have silkwraps and tips on could this damage the enhancement. could it damage gel.. and the natural nail..
sorry if this is a dim question its just i need to dip the brush in about 4-5 times to get the smile perfect and was just wondering.
cheers again
:spiral: Hi ya know were you ae coming from!

Smile lines were always my worst night mare in the salon they use to look rather like :( a few mistakes along the way and a few tricks of the trade form other nail technicians helped.

Acetone can be very drying to the natural nail and skin, it is also what we use for removal of the products so may be an alternative method would be better.

There are nail enamel corrector pens which work for a while but the best thing I have ever found is using Nail Fresh with a short tappered brush it even cleans up enamel round the side walls if they look a bit like you have had a night on the tiles when applying it ( i'm saying nothing!).
I would keep the bottle and brush sperate from my P.R.E.P products and just use it for enamel correction.

Hope this helps!!

Di x
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