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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi all, I have just met my client today who had some acrylic nails and an eyebrow wax done. I am also applying her make up tomorrow for her wedding day. (I did recommend a trial run but she didn't want it.)

So the lady has pretty bad acne on her cheeks and her main concern is hiding this. I'm a bit concerned that I'm not going to be able to totally cover it.

Any advice?

Thanks xxx
I was going to recommend Supercover but don't know how you can get some before tomorrow! I did wedding make up for someone once who had a few really bad spots and to make matters worse, she squeezed them before I arrived. I don't know if you can diplomatically tell your client she mustn't squeeze!? It's very hard to cover freshly squeezed spots as they are more swollen, more purple and usually weepy. Now, I know this doesn't help with the actual application but the photographer will be able to edit her skin in the pics. Assuming she is having a professional photographer. What a shame she didn't have a trial! Good luck :hug:
Thanks ZoZo. I have checked out Supercover for future use. The make up application went really well. Her spots had calmed down since yesterday, she said she had applied aloe vera gel overnight.

I used my Salon System foundations, applied a base cover in a medium tone. She had a tan so it suited her skin perfectly. Then applied lots of very fine layers over the spots and scars with the foundation.
Then evened out the rest of her face with a bronzer and swept blusher over the apples of her cheeks which disguised the spots also.

All in all, it went really well! She was very pleased and the photographer said if there was any scars/spots visible as the day went on that she would airbrush them out.

Very pleased :) :hug:
Sounds fab! Well done!

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