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Jul 27, 2003
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I know i not do nail long time but i want to know why i can do set of acrylic nail and look beautifull but i try gel and can not do i try on sisters and still no good .

I have booklet ibd and do everything them tell me for sure and have ibd lamp i buy everything from England i buy complete kit with all that so i have everything .

Is gel much harder than acrylic we want learn gel .

Kop khun ka

Hi Mui,

You do the Gel system with a completely different technique than the liquid & powder.

The brush for instance is used and held completely differently and the product is not pressed into place but 'swirled' or 'drawn' into place with the very tip of the brush.

If you do not have a nail school near to you in Phuket, then maybe for now you should stick to the system that works for you. Then when you get the chance - go and get some training --- it's hard to 'go it alone' --- better (and safer for you and your clients) if you have a guide.
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we not do nail gel or acrylic for customer we only manicure and pedicue and nail polish and paint art .

We do acrylic for my sisters and me i learn acrylic from lady who learn from Australia and now working beauty salon in Norway and she do nail 7 year everyday .

Now we read books buy video and practice in shop when not have customer for hair we practice airbrush now for body art and make design and make stensils then we will do many time on learn airbrush nail before we do airbrush for customer .

I will try find school for nail in Bangkok and if i can not next year i will go England to learn acrylic and gel nail and all that i can on nail when i am in England .

This year i will go bangkok and learn at a nail salon we have some good in Bangkok.

Kop khun ka

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