Acrylic brush sizes and recommendations


i am after a new brush for my accrylics, i know it goes on personal preference, but the last 2 i have had which i recieved in my traning i have not liked at all and found the quality absoloutley the min i am making do with the brush as i have a 2 week gap with no nail clients in :( so just doin family for now ...can anyone reccomend a good brush and what size and shape would be best for a beginner like me? i dont mind spending more as long as it lasts longer ... also what would you reccoment for cleaning brushes? can you only use brush cleaner or can u used anything else ... thanks sorry for all the questions! x


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You should only clean your brush in a small amountof the clean monomer you use. Brush cleaners are not recommended.

As to brush size? This is so individual a thing but as you have not yet got used to anything then I would recommend a CND no 8 sized brush ( this is the brush all CND beginners use from the start). Many stick with the no 8 size but many go on to use a no 10.

Now I am a fan of a larger brush because it does give you many advantages when doing your work .. more power for pressing, smoother surface for easier finishing, longer brush flags for soft touch when you need it and faster application.

Many think it, but A larger brush does not automatically mean larger beads either. You can make the tiniest of weeny beads using a super quality large brush and if it has a beautiful point then you can really do precision work. So for me it is mainly the CND No 10 'Ultra Sculptor' brush that I use the most. Sometimes just for variety I use another brush for awhile but I always go back to my No 10 and then wonder why I abandonned it :lol: for a little while.

A good tech develops quite a personal close relationship with her brushes and generally is very loathe to part with them and very sad when they grow old and finally die. :cry:


thanks alot i will have a look online now :) x

Susie H

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No.8 Round Royal Precision Brush - Nail Systems International(UK)
The one above, if you're doing mobile work, because the handle becomes the brush case, got a hole in the end so no build up of monomer in the end of it.
But, yep, I'll go with Gigi's choice on the ultra sculpter.
Another fave with peeps is a brush they call the 508, I think it's an ezflow brush.

I hate it when I have to get a new one, even though I buy the same one again, it's a nail thing:lol:


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If you watch the two L&P CND vids, Tiffany and Roxanne are using the Ultra Sculptor #10. After watching the vids, I purchased that brush and never looked back. HTH! :)


NSI No8 Royal Precision brush for me too. returns to a beautiful point every time, great for smile lines. Fab x


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Im a CND girl but......I used to be a serial brush killer (back in the day) mostly when doing my own nails & working too wet lol

I have bought a few expensive brushes but one day i bought a cheapo (spare) from the wholesalers and it has been the best brush i have ever used.

It really is personal choice, be a brush killer like i used to be and you get to try at least four, Ive never used any kind of cleaner, just give it a good drink and it takes care of itself x