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Sep 2, 2003
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hi guys...

rite my clients are new as ive just opened a new business, however a few of my clients have had bad experiences with acrylics, they have mentioned the nails being paper thin after taken off and ridges on the this to do with the acrylic? i also use bio sculpture gel and this leaves the nails strong and the nail bed lovely...however id like to give the clients a choice of either acrylics or gel...

thanks girls
All nail enhancements are acrylic including your gel. Therefore NO it is not the acrylic that is damaging the client's nails. It has been tested and proved that nail enhancement products, even the dreaded MMA, do not thin and weaken client's nails.

The damage is caused by the Nail Technician over filing the plate or the clients picking the enhancements off the plate.

If you are confident that you do not cause damage, then the client's nails will be just as 'safe' with L&P as gels or wraps.
thanks for that...well i know its not me coz my clients nails r lovely after the bio sculpture...ive not really done any acrylics coz i dont feel 100% confident with them and i dont know if i like them, does that make sense? id like to like them but to be honest i get frustrated with myself coz i dont enjoy acrylics...i know i have to get to grips with them coz there will b clients that want acrylics and not the bio sculptures....and i dont want to be turning away clients do i... :D
In my experience when people say they don't like something it is generally because they can't DO it.

I mean the product (L&P) and end result is gorgeous, so what's not to like?? Only that you have not mastered it.

The majority of nail technicians use L&P so that must tell you something about the system. L&P is also suitable for 99% of clients, which with respect your product is not. Conclusion is that you must get some good training and become 'full service' and be able to offer your clients anything they want.

Good news is that if you can do one system well and produce beauty, then another system is pretty quickly mastered.
I totally agree with Geeg...... I have not been in the business very long and am only offering l&p at the moment. Training is so, so important - having completed an EN course, I felt that my service was lacking and decided to go with a Creative Foundation Course. Now, my attitude towards the product has altered 150%.... I have much more respect for my tools, equipment, product and yes..... my clients. I feel like a misty grey mask has been lifted from my eyes.... you know the sort of thing... I can see clearly now.....!!! You can't over-estimate good training and once I have completed the last day of the course [next week], I want to improve my technique and then go on to work with other types of nail enhancements. As Geeg says, once you have mastered one, the others should be much easier to get the hang of.
All the best with your l&p
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