acrylic infill over silk nails


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Dec 20, 2005
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just had a email from a lady wanting to know if i can infill her silk nails with acrylic. (i dont do silks) She is finding it hard getting appointments at the salon where she goes and wants to change to me. what would you guys sugest? thanks
i dont think you can infill silk with acrylic, i think you can do it the other way round cuz you can overlay acrylic with gel but not gel with acrylic if you know what i mean i woud also like to know if this can be done,
silk wraps tend to discolour quicker over time as compared to acrylic, so I would rather soak off the wraps and then do a new set of acrylic. As for acrylic over gel or gel over acrylic, I just make sure that the shades match up or blend together nicely.

Hope this helps :)
And you will find that the silk wraps soak off much quicker and easier than acrylic hth
you can do it, but when I do it, I make sure I "encapsulate" the entire nail.

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