Acrylic nail tips?


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Sep 26, 2012
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united kingdom
Wondering if any of you use these tips shown in pic? I usually use well less tips but these were on offer from sallys bogof. So if I use the full well on the nail it's gona be covering pretty much the full nail leaving only a small portion for acrylic to adhere to natural nail so do you personally blend the hell out of these or just stick them further down the nail? x
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Forgot pic
I've bought these too in the past, you'd have to cut a lot of the well out and blend, or the whole actylic nail will pop off
Pre prep the tip prior to application and it should be fine, by either cutting or filing away the majority of the well.
You can use them but make sure the tip does't cover more than the half of the natural nail because then the acrylic or the builder gel will not have enough surface to stick to.and blend well.

you can reduce the contact zone by using a file at a 45 degree angle and filing away the part you don't need :) You contact zone needs only to be minimal :)
Thanks ladies iv been doing nails a while now but never used such a large well. Il file them prior to applying x

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