Acrylic nails on a man?

My latest, which as you can see needs to be redone again, have an appointment tomorrow night. Trying to decide between pink and white again (which is my favorite) or maybe purple with glitter. My nail tech says “I can’t wait until you tell me I can do whatever I want” she’s also always telling me to “step out of my comfort zone” I’m so far out of my comfort zone now, I’m on another planet at this I love having strangers ask me about my nails and tell me how much they like them or the color. 5503129A-5CB8-4991-B9CC-BC749C51FDD7.jpeg

Been to my nail tech today and had a fantastic full set of nails done they have turned out exactly as I wanted them they look great and should last me 2 weeks before maintenance needed

Looks good, going in for a rebase tomorrow. My nail tech want to do an hombre. D51C0F9E-E048-40FE-8D5E-108167ECE4C1.jpeg
My current set, pic is from a couple weeks ago. This color was picked by a 3 pretty Asian women arguing over what color I was

Of the males in here, what has been your experience/reactions with the general public? So far from strangers, I’ve gotten nothing but positive comments, even had a lady ask who I go to, I told her and now she goes to her

The nails I got done tonight, she called the cotton candy CC2C832F-E88D-45A8-894B-A2B88C49B948.jpeg


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My favorite set so far, purple with big glitter 73FF7BCC-549D-426A-8384-E2CB5AD95807.jpeg