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Sarah Lou

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May 3, 2004
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Hi there,

I'm doing (hopefully) a full set of acrylic on a nail biter this evening. Just wondering if anyone could give me advice, Im not sure whether to do a full set of sculpts or tip overlay. She has no bulbous (think thats what its called) on her fingers and theres a bit of room for a tip, just wondering what others have done with nail biters

Thanks in advance


Hi ....
Few days ago I put thread on forum.. It called 'Gel nails for nail byter'. If you are going to do acrylic overlay with tips on my thread lots of professionals gave good advice even with pictures...
Lena thanks, just found it should help me out.

Love this site, its amazing

Lots of professionals here!
Hi, i would personally use tips on her if she has a slight edge and apply these with Tip Bond Gel. This is a glue which is thicker than others so it then acts as a nice cushion on the nail and shock absorber as well giving a certain amount of protection for the nail biter.

You probably know to still keep the nail tips relatively short, otherwise they will break off easier than normal and could cause damage to the natural nail, as short as it is. I usually do them about level with the end of the finger, so they will still have a nice nail to look at, but they will be able to cope better with suddenly having nails.

Make sure they come and see you weekly to begin with as nail biters, (i know being one myself when i've not got enhancements on.) tend to put their fingers in their mouth without knowing it so its best to keep a check.

Hope this helps.
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