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Sarah Lou

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May 3, 2004
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Just wondering if any of you can help me. I've got some acrylic paint and have applied it on my own nails for a practice but it has a 'matt' look to it sorry hope you know what I mean its hard to explain. Im sure its not supposed to look like this, am I doing something wrong? Maybe I should be adding water or something.

Any help appreciated
Hi there Sarah Lou.... Are you applying a nice shiny topcoat? Until you put the top coat on then yes it will be matt looking.

Sorry if thats a daft thing to ask...

I have put base then acrylic colour then topcoat. Thanks for replying it wasnt a daft question, I just wasnt sure if the paint should look matt before I top coated.

Think Im having a blonde day
Thats ok Sarah Lou.... lol we all have days like that... I'm like it most days:biggrin:

Glad you got it sorted though. Happy nail art-ing!
I have found that some top coats dont pick up the colours in the paints as well as others. So try a few different makes ;)
Hi, i have found when doing freehand nail art that when you top coat it it may still look a little flat. I personally use Star Nails Finishing Sealer, which is specifically for going on top of nail art. Also you may find that some top coats if applied on top of rhinestones, makes them look dull. The finishing sealer doesn't do this so would highly recommend it.

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