Acrylic toes?


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Jun 21, 2010
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south yorkshire
This is just out of curiosity but do people have acrylic toe-nails?

Sorry if that seems a random question . . . I have a LONG list of things to look up & ask :)
Occasionally, but I prefer to do them in gel if at all possible. I do a lot reconstruction of damaged or missing toenails. I have done it on occasion for just arts sake, but I prefer to use a SOG.
Well, you learn something new every day!!

Surely they're a bit uncomfy though? Since they're plastic
Plastic!?! No, sculpted L&P no thicker than the nat nail would be. Feels the same as a regular toenail.
Oh, so they're just like a natural toe nail.

Thanks for replying, that's satisfied my curiosity on that score for the moment & given me something to think about
I actually just done some today!! I've only done a few sets, I'd rather do Hollywood Toes but believe it or not my sister in law wanted them with glittery tips!!!!
I've put some pics on my page on FB, Twinkle Tipe Mobile Nails By Alison
Am I ok to have a look? Do you get toe-nail tips for them? Or sculpt them or . . . I don't know

I'm quite intrigued by the idea, suppose it's a good thing in warmer weather if you're missing a nail or have damage & you don't want people to see it

I only asked out of curiosity as well! Think I'll be searching for some more info to satisfy it now!
Of course!!!
A couple of people have asked me if (in their words not mine) have manky toes!!
I used a form on the big toe and secound and then just did free hand on the rest all fully sculpted x
They look really nice, you can't even tell they're not natural nails with glitter tips.

I'm quite surprised actually, don't know what I expected when I asked but I don't think they were it! May have a bit of a play one day to see what they look like up close
Personally I wouldn't do acrylic on toes, only gel! I think you need something very thin and think there is more chance of infections occuring with acrylic. I would never build toes with gel either.
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