Acrylic with glitter


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Apr 6, 2010
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Any Critique welcome :biggrin: x

I haven't been doing nails long so I am sure someone else can give you more advice but they are very neat and I love the glitter on the tips. The only thing I would say is that the white tips is way to low down the nail so it doesn't leave much of the natural nail on show.

Did you paint the white on or use white tips?

Kate :)
Hiya, the nail overall looks good in terms of shape and the glitter is fairly neat, however I agree with pixie, the nail bed looks a bit short and stubby, to rectify this I would apply the glitter smile onto the white to lift it. It will look alot more attractive if you can see more nail bed :)

As for the french white/tip being low down, if the client has very short nails then white tips aren't really appropriate, it would be best to sculpt or use a natural tip that you can blend. Then extend the nail bed using a nail bed pink (for both L&P and Gel) and then apply the french white. Hth xx

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