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Mar 28, 2016
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Hi guys, been working with Adam and Eve wax for the last 2 months. Had no issues with the warm wax however sometimes when doing hollywoods and brazillians the hot wax stretches /snaps and refuses to come off. Even when pulling really hard it can sometimes still stay on the skin and hair and start to stretch. This is causing me a lot of bother and stressing me out! Has anyone else had this issue or ideas how to fix it? I've tried putting it on thinner and thicker and it doesn't make a difference.
Are you using a pre wax oil?
I managed to sort my problem, I was putting the hot wax on against the hair growth but I'm now doing it with the hair growth and not had a problem since. Not using their oil, would you recommend using it? Thank u for ur reply x
Can i ask you both, how many hollywoods/brazilians would you get out of a bag? Thanks x
I'm not entirely sure, you definitely get a lot out of the bag as I do back to back Hollywood/Brazilians every day in the salon. We normally order 6 packs of hot wax and it lasts us months. I would maybe need to open a new bag of wax every 2/3 weeks. Sorry I can't give a specific number x
Oh and I also do a mix between strawberry hot wax and their strawberry strip wax for each Hollywood/Brazilian to speed the time up. The amount would be much less if I used all hot wax x

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