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Jun 18, 2010
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Hello, I was hoping for some advise. I am a salon owner and have 3 girls that rent stations in my salon. I only do nails but the renters do hair and nails. When I first opened my salon it was only I who did Shellac and gel polish. That is all I do since all my clients love it. I was one of the first salons in my area to do this and I promoted it well, worked my butt off and now stay very busy. I give all artificial nails to the other girls and they also do haircuts, waxing, colors, perms,facials, etc. Well they have seen how busy I am with the shellac and they have started offering it also to their clients. My question is how do other salon owners handle dividing up new clients. People come to my salon because I promoted this so much but now my booth renters are benefiting from my hard work. They are not only offering it to their clients but are fighting over who gets the calls for it now too. Before they bought their shellac kits it was understood that I was to get the walk ins and call ins and they could offer it to their clients and promote themselves but they seem to have forgotten this a bit. I guess my question is ....would it be wrong of me to enforce this more? We have a new renter and she is seeing all the requests for this and now she wants to offer it too......How should I handle this....I am busy with my clients but still would like to take on a few new ones....How do other salons handle walk ins or call ins? Should I tell them that any calls for gel polish need to come to me first and then if I am busy I will hand off to them? I am just freaking out a bit as this is my bread and butter and everyone is wanting in on it.....Please advise !!!
I suppose it all depends on who pays for the advertising?

Do your 'renters' pay for any advertising?

I'd say if it's all equal and you're all contributing the same amount to advertising then you take it in turns to take on the walk ins.

If you spend more on advertising, then you do, for example, every two out of three.

If they don't spend anything on advertising then they should stick with the clients they already have.

That would be my suggestion!
Respect is needed in all workforce. I was working at a busy salon offering services of hairdressing and beauty- including doing nails. The salon owner was a hairdresser himself and let space for nail technicians and a room for a beautician. We had 10 stylists and some of them were able to do nails and beauty as well but they never crossed the line as it was sort of an agreement and respect among all the staff.

This is a little bit a mess as your renters can provide both services and they are surely looking forward to doing it all themselves. I understand that the renters must have thought that they are self-employed and their clients come back to the salon because of their works.

My suggestion is to work things out together- you may recommend your nails clients to have their hair done with the renters and they have to send their hair customers to you if they want their nails done. At this rate, some rules must be set- they need to agree not to provide nail service which is YOUR primary business or they can do it based on 50% commission.

Hope this helps! :) Good luck!

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