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Sep 13, 2007
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Seaham / North East
I have rang work (The Pension Centre) and told them i wont be going back. I am gonna do beauty FULL TIME i am so excited!

They want me to go in for a 'chat'

Does anyone know if i can refuse to go in??

I have spoke to a few people and ever one seams to think i don't have to go in!!!!!
Do you have to work your notice period? It could be about that?
No... loads of people have left and not worked a notice!!!

They want to chat to try and make me stay!!
Just go in Gemma, then you can leave knowing that you have done everything right.
You know that you are going to leave, no matter what they say - you are going so just do it out of courtesy.

then, PARTY!!!!!! FULL-TIMER!!!

Its always best to leave on good terms, you never know do you
If you have a contract with them - you best check it out - especially the small print!

Like Tracey says best to leave on good terms - and if you know that you definitely will not be going back then, you will be able to stand your ground a lot easier :green: Be polite but firm :green:

Best of luck what ever you decide and it's good to see you excited about your new career :green::hug:
Its always best to leave on good terms, you never know do you

Good point Tracy .... you never know, you may need a reference from them at some point in the future.
I would go in, you never know when you may need a reference or something.

Don't leave on bad terms, they have provided employment to you so personally I'd go in stick to my guns and say thanks very much for the time you've been there etc, and tell them politely that you've made your mind up.
Thanks guys!

I think i am gonna go in but put them off till the back end of next week.

Ok just a bit of advice no one can give you a bad reference, if a reference is required all HR require is to know the exact dates you worked for a company and how much sick you have taken. On the payroll side different matter as long as you don't owe them any monies you will have no problems otherwise you will be chased for this. Its not really a good idea to just up and leave but plenty of people do this. I was a qualified HR/Payroll Manager for 10 years before getting into the beauty industry so I hope this information helps.
I know that certain organisations like to have a chat to see why you are leaving to make sure there are no 'issues' - like are you leaving because you were being bullied, harrassed etc. It's so they can improve their way of looking after employees.

At the end of the day, when someone leaves it can cost thousands of dollars to replace them. They have to advertise, interview, set up hr files so they want to know why people leave so they can try and make conditions better to keep employees

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