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Apr 26, 2003
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hi employing my sister to come and work in my salon and she would like to train up as a nail technician but without going to college, what would you suggest the best way forward for her the beginners creative course? or the beginners fabric? she's 17...Vicky
Well that is a tricky one isn't it?

She most probably would be 'productive' in the salon more quickly if she went the Fabric# route because it is SO quickly mastered.

It definitely takes longer to perfect the skill of using Liquid and Powder. So much to learn all at once
How to use a Brush comfortably
How to shape the product
How to design a beautiful nail
How to think 3 dimensionally
How to work safely
How to obtain the correct mix ratio ... and these are just a few!!

Because everything in the Fabric# system is brushed on (all girls know how to do that from the age of 12 right?) there is less dexterity required. There is still a lot to learn ... as we all know.

The upside of learning L&P first is that once she has mastered it she can master anything else quite quickly.

Depends how soon you want her to be behind the table and how quickly she responds to her training.
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