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tina 1

Jan 28, 2007
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Hi all
I trained in odyssey acrylic quite a while ago but couldnt master it as well as gel, i have now decided to have another crack at it (so far so good) buti am running out of monomer. Thinking nothing of it i have tried to order more but was finding it very difficult to find it in the UK, is it not available anymore?.

If it is no longer available im stuck as i have quite a bit of powder left.
Is there any difference between monomers from other systems, not really keen on mixing systems as not sure if it would work and i would be worried about possible reaction to clients.

I am thinking i might be better to buy a complete new system rather than risk problems

Would be greatful for advice
Many thanks
you are right to be cautious, it is not recomended to mix two different brands of product as their chemical compatibility may be compromised .

i think grafton international is/was the distributor for odysey. not sure, but odessey may have been superceded by change acrylic by trang nguyen which is distributed by sam wilkinson and sabrina malik.
i know its a bit vague, but it might give you a starting point.

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