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Nov 10, 2003
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I have a lady that has come to me as she is no longer happy with who was doing her nails cos they kept coming off!,after seeing her nails,natural that is and talking to her i think i have sussed out why! :) she insists on having her nails quite long and she has onycholisis(did i spell that right :confused: )she also works as receptionist and goes to gym,swimming etc.So i'm thinking nails worn too long hence onychowotnot so not a good foundation to be putting enhancements on as nails are also thin probably from her knocking them off all the time and taking half the nail plate off with it!
Anyway,i suggested she needs to improve condition of nails before re-applying acrylic and wear them shorter(which she was not impressed with but understood wot i was saying)i suggested doing some regular spa manicures and of course applying bucket loads of solar oil a day!!!.After all this my question is,is it O.K doing spa manicures on nails that have onychowotnot cos the rule is to keep them dry is'nt it,and wont the creams get stuck in there?only thought of this after she had gone,now thinking i will look a right plonker if i have to tell her i gave wrong advice,,.oops :
Please,please can somebody put my mind at rest with this,i am seeing this lady on Monday,would be sooooooo grateful for any feedback :D
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