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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi All,

Got my 1st set of paying clients tomorrow night! wasnt nervous until now! ive packed all my equipment made a list checked it several times(id hate to forget anyhting as im going to their house!)

To make me even more nervous its for a wedding the bride and two bridesmaids!!!
Anyone got any tips or advice i would be more than grateful!!!

Many thanks,

Lou xxx :D
hi ya, they main bit of advice i can give you is just try to relax as otherwise if you are sooooo stressed and nervous then that is most likely to be when your work will be affected. just think to yourself hey i have done this hundereds of times and that is how you will come across, so if you feel and look confident you will be brill. i am sure you are brill anyway. besides we all started somewhere i have been doing this for 4 years now and i was really nervous as i was put in a busy city of london tanning shop and to make me more nervous was that i had my mother(yes you mum) watching my every move :rolleyes: , but as i said relax, be yourself and you and your work will SHINE.................
good luck hun let me know how you get on.
take care love faye x ;)
Well Hun,
looks like you got it all under control,
the check list is a great idea.

Like Faye said, be yourself and just have a ball.
As it is for a wedding, i bet the bride will have colly wobbles too, so do your stuff and I bet it will be caos in the wedding household, it usualy is on a big day like this.

So any nerves on your part wont even be noticed.
Let us know how it went.
Love Ruth xxxxx
Thankyou Faye & Ruth,

For your kind words, i feel a little at ease i have just done a set at collage tonight and they wher efab so that has eased the tension a little. You just know when you want something soooooooooo bad and you want to be fantastic and prove it to the world well thats how i feel at the moment!

Sorry for ranting i'll let you know how i go on!

Love Lou xxx :D
hey dont worry feel free to rant away, i know how you feel when you say you want this soooo bad. well that is the best start because you want it so bad so no-one or thing will stop you just go girl, but hey just remember me when you are a tek to the stars which is what i want sooooo bad. i have been and still am working my socks of but hey maybe one day i will get my name in a nail mag, the boyfriend said "hey give me a pen and i will do it now" :( not funny so that has made me determind to do it and i dont care what it takes :twisted: :D ..... but i plan to have fun too.
love faye xxxxx
Hi All!!!
Just got back from my wedding clients!!! I performed a file and polish and two sets of fiberglass over tips!!! I am soooooooooo chuffed they looked fab (if i do say so myself!) and most important the clients where really pleased with them! Its now 11.45pm i cant sleep cause of the excitment! (Sad eh!?!) Cant wait to get into this proffesion probably i lurve it!!!

Lou xxx :D
Well done,
Glad you had a fab time, this is what it's all about....................
Doing a great job, getting exited over it and then wanting to do more.....
After yonks in the bizz I get all exited when something turns out fab these are the perks of the job.............great satisfaction...............
Only a Voddy and Orange could top this, or maybe a huge bar of choccie lol

Love Ruth xxxx
see what did i tell you........ all that worrying, but hey i knew deep down you would be fab, just have a bit of confidence inyourself and you will rock.
anyway i think i need a drink after the week i have had..............
take care love faye x
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