Advise on using daylight magnifying lamp


I am using a Daylight Naturlight Magnifying Lamp bought from Ellisons. Does anyone else use this? I find it fabulous for seeing what Iam doing, but just had a thought that this could be the reason for finding during application Shellac is harder to work with ie brush not fanning out and Shellac getting thicker. I have read through some threads already but not seen anything conclusive. Hope someone can help. Thankyou


Is there no one using one? X

This could be why my topcoat is always getting thick and gloopy! My colours are fine but my top coat bottles never last and I always end up buying a new one before the bottle is empty. It is always out for each Shellac application (in the daylight lamp) yet I keep it away from the UV Lamp.
I just bought a new bottle so now I am going to wrap the bottle in tin foil and keep it under some sort of cover and out of the light! I love my lamp and it's the absolute best but now I'm going to make a change and see if my top coat lasts... I'm going to subscribe to this thread and get back to you if I see the bottom of my topcoat bottle without gloopiness!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Hi there, yes I use that lamp and I also bought it from Ellisons recently. I hadn't really thought about it but yes you might have a point.

Love the lamp though :)

My topcoat always goes gloopy too. I don't think it has anything to do with the lamp but more the fact that it is open longer and more often than the colours and so thickens with air exposure. I am now resigned to the fact that they go thick quickly and tip the remainder into my glitter top coat and buy a new one when I can't work with it anymore !!