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Nov 24, 2007
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Hi everyone

I come from the hetherlands first of all so my english is not that great but i have a question.

Here were i live we have a unwritten rule about the age a client hase to have. We dont help people under the age of 16. Not because its not healthy for the client but because the nailbed is not grown yet. The acrylics penetrate through the nailbed much quicker when the person is not full grown yet. It can cause a allergic reaction much quicker and the nail can grow diffrent. Also we experience that girls under the age of 16 are not treating the nails right. They think they can do anything with them:mad: They rip the nails of right before one week so they dont have to pay for a new nail. We give the first week a garanty.

Sinse a read a few times and saw the age a was just wondering.

Here in Sweden it,s kind of the same.
I think if someone wants their nails done they should be dedicated to come back on time for a rebalance or if they want it just for a specifick occasion they should return to have them removed professionally.
All these things cost money *maintaining or removing etc...*

I think most girls under that age can,t make this financial commitment so they start to take them off by themselves destroying their nails or go to long in between appointments resulting in damaged/broken nails.

And personally...I think that it is to young aswell to do nails under the age of 16.
I was always under the impression that l&p does not penetrate he nail plate. Provided nails are applied correctly the only risk of over exposure is if product is to come into contact with the clients skin.

There are different reasons why nails should not be applied to someone under the age of 16.
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I find that young girls only really want nails doing for a special occasion usually, but I see what you mean about them not treating their nails very well!!
This is what i have learned and so thats why we dont do nails on young girls. Even when my own daughter want nails i say no but on the other hand i can do a little bit of nail art and that seems to be a good stimulans to not bite her nails:)


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