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Nov 5, 2003
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my new years resolution is to learn airbrushing. ive inherited some kit and ive got myself a gina wallace video.i plan to get the gist of it from the vid, practice until i know the basics and then get the cash together to go on a course. i figure if i do it this way i will get more out of a course because ill have a basic knowledge. anyway to get to the point , i want your recomendations on good air brush paint. if youve tried the rest but found the best, please tell me!

I've been airbrushing nails for about 4 years now and have tried and tested most brands. The two I'd recommend are Too Much Fun paints (available from ) and Medea paints ( available from The Airbrush Company, I think) and in that order. My preference out of the two is Too Much Fun, but Medea are good too - you just have to remember to give them a good shake every now and again to stop them from going gloopy. Two Much Fun are more expensive than Medea, they both have a good selection of colours, but again TMF come out on top (IMHO). Anyway, I use them both. I used to use Createx but they aren't as easy to clean up as the others - you only really need water with TMF.

I don't like the white from TMF though, I prefer Medea's Cloud White. Anyway, that's my preference, but it's always a personal thing. Good Luck with the airbrushing! ;)

Airbrushing is ace!!!! That's my opinion.
Here are the rules for problem free airbrushing:

1 keep your brush clean
2 clean your airbrush
3 Getting the idea!!!!!

99% or your problems will be caused by not cleaning the brush. That aside do not bash your head in about being creative. Your best designs will be produced when copying other peoples designs and getting them wrong.
Learn how the brush works and the rest is practice.

Sounds to easy but it's true.

Have Fun and stick at it when it's not.
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