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May 12, 2003
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Has anybody heard of this company???????

The reason I am asking is because they called me today saying they supply Nail Salons with acrylics, Gels etc....

I told them that I wasn't interested. But I was just suprised that a nail supplier would actually call Salons to supply them. I thought if a company was genuine & good then you would need to call them to enquire, because they would have so much business they wouldn't need to cold call. :(

Now, I am not saying this is a bad company as I don't know anything about them to make such a judgement, but I was quite suprised. And I just wondered if anybody else has had the same type of call? :|
Well, this sort of direct marketing may be a bit unusual in the UK. But is done all the time in the USA. Nothing wrong with it ... a bit aggressive to our way of thinking maybe but not at all unusual.

By the way, the name of the company is Allessandro? Does that ring any bells? :biggrin:
Yep that rings lots of bells.

You can't leave it alone can you googie! To correct the bias alessandro says:

alessandro's policy is to be like any other good professional distribution company from the mainstream high end cosmetics world.

The old ways exist because nails was a cottage industry in the UK solely
distributed by nail salon owners working from their back rooms.

alessandro employ full time trainers and demonstrators at great expense backed up by a team of tele care persons. This is the level of investment you would expect from any of the main cosmetic or professional hair companies.

It may seem aggressive if you are not been exposed to high street retail before but this is the normal regime in business to business.

All demonstrations are totally free and without obligation and I suggest you can do no worse than try it for the experience. Exposure to new ideas and concepts is a great way to grow your own business.

Even if you don't like the main lines there are 1500 solely branded alessandro products to choose from. Retail lines that can double your income.

Time to lock the the thread Mr Geek, unless free speech will be encouraged.
playday1 this is for you
i have done 3 home based nail courses and passed i am not creative trained and as so i have not used their products,
but i know that the nail geek works for creative has this forced my hand to train with them No
i have had so much help and advice on this site from all.
now i come to you what advice and help have i had off you nil none just childish remarks and you trying you upmost to prove some kind of point.
why do you have many different names.....................because you have nothing to offer anyone you dont even have the balls to fill out your profile.
as for peolpe being product biased we all are if someone one wants a school recomended to them i will have my boys school recommended.SAME WITH SHAMPOOS ,LIPSTICKS ETC
whats the problem here.
peolpe rave on about products because they like them they work for them and other than creative products which of course will be mentioned because believe it or not people use them and like them.................whats your problem is it because no one raves on about yours........jealousy if you ask me
and if you are trying to get people like myself to use your products which you have marketed in a pathetic way then you have blown it.
over 1000 people come on this site and that is over 1000 who would not touch your products with a barge poll after all you have written in your pathetic grudge.
now answer to us instead of throwing remarks and direspect to people who have put hours into this site for US..........................
Apart from the rude comments in the first 2 lines :rolleyes:
The above post by PLAYDAY 1 would have been quite informative. Personally i have nothing against free speech, But rudeiness to indiviuals is not in my book. Also to Joanne dont lower yourself to their standard.
What rude comments?

Get professional!
Ditto Playday1
Time to lock the the thread Mr Geek, unless free speech will be encouraged.
blah blah blah colin. same verbal crap, just another day.

Maybe some time spent reading gigis post would have come in handy as I do not see anything boased or negative in it. Ill only lock this thread to prevent the public roasting and humilation from all the members you get everytime you forget that you are not welcome here.

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