All round sh**y week


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Jun 29, 2007
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North East
Just as i thought my week couldn't get any worse after having bad news about someone who i care very much for and waiting for my little boy to go into hospital for an operation, which is tomorrow, but some scum of the earth has stolen Ray's wallet which had just under £200 in, his driving licence and other personal bits.
He dropped it IN OUR GARDEN as he went to get the cat in and when he came back out it was gone.
You would think that your neighbours would be decent enough to hand it back but no the scum has kept it.
Never mind it's only money but it really gets to me that my own neighbours could do that to us.
We don't live in an area where we get strangers so i know they live in our street.
GUTTED!!! :cry:
sorry your having a crap week hun, i agree some people do lower themselves and i understand how upset you are about the wallet...i couldnt live with the guilt if it was me, i found a purse outside the post office about 2 months ago brought it home and tried to track down the person using found a scribbled number on a receipt , rang it found the owner i thought she had just got money for the post office and must have been worrying herself silly.....some people have no conscience
i agree jo, some ppl have no scruples!!
if i have ever find a purse/wallet ive handed it in to the police station

i once lost a whole weeks wages( before nails) about 150 quid cash with my wage slip in it with the pub i worked at details on it, lost it on boxing day on the way home, someone picked it up and decided to keep it well i hope they had a good xmas!
some ppl just dont care about others do they,
good for you joanne knowing there are some gooduns in this wicked world we live in x
Omg what a awful person to have taken the wallet sending you hugs :hug:
I know how you feel a few years ago when it was snowing i fell over and my purse
must have fallen out of my pocket, which had my kids christmas money in it.
police rang to say that it had been handed in but obviously the money had gone. but
at least i got my purse back with my pictures in it.
you know what they say what comes around goes around they will get what they deserve!
sending you:hug: i really feel for you.
Thanks all.
Feeling a lot better now about stuff and Jack has had his op and we are now home :hug:
Sorry about your bad luck but I"m glad your son is back home.


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