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Aug 16, 2003
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This is turning into a real problem as both my husband AND myself take ages to come to a decision .... I think. Varnish colours. I want to be able to offer my mobile clients a fair range of varnish colours and textures (frosted etc) and see that Creative do lots and lots and lots, including the chance to make up a set of 30 in a little box .............. BUT, I have visions of having bottles and bottles left un-opened for years (like the salon I worked in). So, and this is the difficult bit .......... considering that the age range of my clients may well be 16 to 60 or more ............ which do I choose without giving my bank manager a bad day ..... or should I choose the lot and give him a REALLY bad day? OK, sensible ..... any ideas on THE most popular ones that you use. Any to avoid? Is the 30 pack a good idea? Too little, too much? Oh heck, please help as I can't decide !!! :(
Hi :D

How are you doing out of the salon??? Finding your feet ???? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and will be looking for regular updates :D

On the subject of varnish colours, I believe from an earlier post Creative have a top 10 list of their most popular colours - sounds like the best place to start to me 8)

Mrs Geek mentioned it the other day, not being Creative trained yet I haven't entered the hallowed halls of the Creative shops so I have no personal experience, but it certainly seems like a fab idea to me.


Firstly well done for going mobile.

When I started the outlay for all the colours I wanted was WOW, so I began with just the seasonal colours and worked up from there.

hope that is of some help to you
pooh said:
..... any ideas on THE most popular ones that you use. Any to avoid? Is the 30 pack a good idea? Too little, too much?

Hi Pooh

The Geek posted this a couple of months back and this is what I based my choice of purchases on (though I have to say that, since the Lulu collection, everyone has gone all French on me!)...and Satin Sheets which I have retailed quite a few of...lovely colour...

The Nail Geek said:
looks as if in the last 3 months... our 15 biggest sellers are:

  1. Negligee
  2. Cream Puff
  3. Moonlight and roses
  4. Rose Bud
  5. Lighten up
  6. Tutti Frutti
  7. Spike
  8. Strawberry smoothie
  9. Transparent touch
  10. Prom night
  11. Glam queen
  12. Flannels
  13. Gotcha
  14. Rebel with a cause
  15. Sheer contentment

    I excpect when the Lulu collection is released that most of those colourse will be on this list as well. They are very cool.

    Hope this helps
I had the same dilemma with nail enamel colours, so I bought the case from creative and bought the colours in the top 15 that was suggested and built it up from there until i filled my case, I continue to buy colours as seasons change but I have a varied range to be going on with
For the ideas and it SO good to see I am not the only one with the same problems :)

Will get the box I think, take the best 15 and carry on from there.

Cheers !!

Dee xx
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