Allergy to acrylic/isopropol alcohol help!


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Sep 27, 2006
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Hi there

I qualified in nail techniques in 2004 and loved being my own boss and looked forward to every day as a nail tech. I had a fab clientel base and spent a fortune on products etc, then out of the blue I started having hay fever symptoms, it took me a whole miserable year to figure out it was not hay fever but an allergy to the acrylic (although I made sure ventilation was my priority etc) I tried chemical masks too but this did nothing! To put it midly Im extremely upset and out of pocket money wise, and get very low when I see a lovely set of nails on someone, as I always keep thinking "what if":cry::cry:

I have tried creative brisa and I was a lot better, but I think I have an issue with the scrub fresh??. The reason I think its that and not the gels is I used a isopropol spray on its own and had similar issues, then found it in acetone free nail varnish removers etc.

I wondered if any one has any ideas to a hypoallergenic nail prep/dehydrator ???

Also has anyone else been in my situation too? I am now completing beauty therpay NVQ 2 instead, but still yern to do nails, it was my passion and still is! My symptoms are, sneezing for 2 days after, and conjested nose like hay fever, the reason I know it was acrylic, is when I didnt do them for 2 weeks all my symptoms went away, but as soon as I do a set, the next 2 days are dreadful. I have no skin allergies at all.

I have no issues with acetone in college or nail varnishes. therefore would using acetone as a dehydrator be totally un professional:rolleyes: and would it be any good? Am i just clutching at straws? Or are there any other products out there that are hypoallergenic, iv heard of an organic one that you dip the nail tip in and flick the organic matter over to build, but was not to sure about it, I thought it would not be of the high standard of creative or maybe im wrong?:cry:

I have been devloping the same allergic reactions too, every time i do a set a nails i need to have a box of tissues next to me, so i can keep blowing my nose. I'm starting to worry that this is going to be on going, i'm starting my own business soon and now i have this allergy niggling at the back of my mind. I would love some suggestions to this problem

BTW i have been doing nails for 5 years and this is a new issue for me
Hi ya

I dont want to be negative but Iv tried loads of products and it does not seem to go away? It is much better with creative brisa gels though not as sneezy but I do think once a reaction it wont go! But im hoping there is a product that shines threw! Wat ive been doing instead of buying ££££s worth of products is ring round nail salons with gel products and asking them to apply just one nail and see how I respond(as long as they dont use acrylic in their shop) Also been buying trial kits if cheap enough.

I have been taking bee pollen (I know sounds weird:rolleyes:) but apparently it can stop the histamine response in ur system and it has brilliant health benefits too, its cheap aswell go to medibee - natural beehive products – bioactive honey, pollen, propolis skin care for more info. im going to have a go again after a good break with my creative brisa gels and no prep(just use acetone for now) only on myself so if they are a mess its ok lol and see how I get on.

Have you tried a chemical mask on as much as possible? I did but no joy!


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