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Dec 29, 2003
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A friends sister has booked to have a full set of nails in a couple of weeks. I saw her at the weekend and she told me she had an allergy to aloe and did any of the products I use contain this.

I checked all the ingredients and the only thing that contains aloe is the Cuticle Remover (aloe leaf juice). She asked me to test a small area of her skin to see if she was allergic to the product, unfortunately she was.

I have also checked the ingredients of the cuticle remover (a.h.a cuticle remover) that came with the original acrylic starter kit and this also contains aloe extract.

Does anyone have any ideas of an alternative cuticle remover that I could use that doesn't contain aloe?

Obviously I don't just want to start scraping dry cuticle off her nail plate
sawasdee ka

i hope nobody upset but in many salon in Thai that do manicure pedicure they wash first by soak in water and after use vasaline for do cutical it make them soft .

Maybe you can use vasaline i use this when i start in my auntie salon and you can do cutical remove with vasaline .

Mui from Thailand
You can soften and remove excess cutical with SolarOil as well.
Before these other new products, we always used SolarOil.
If you already have it, then go ahead and use it with confidence.
Thank you both for your replies, I have loads of Solar Oil so will try this method.

Thanks again

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