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Dec 18, 2003
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My have a manicure client who is allergic to acetone, she asked if I could do extensions the other day, i said I would check first.

Is this possible and what is the alternative to acetone for removal of acrylic/tips.

Please advise :confused:
Acetone is one of the chemicals in every product remover that I know of.

The only alternative removal method is to gently buff until the product is removed or thinned sufficiently to allow it to grow off. On one nail this isn't so bad, but on all 10?? A long job! And a messy one!

If the client understands that this is what needs to be done and that it will cost her more for you to remove the product should she wish it, then there is no problem.
Just as a little question - how does she know she is allergic - I know it is easy to think you have an allergy to something having used it only once. Sorry if I am making assumptions about your client but I used to use bog standard acetone when removing nails - before I knew any better LOL - and I had a few people, myself included who had skin peeling from their fingers after removal. I have now changed to tip remover and have not had any more problems.

If she really has an allergy to acetone which has come on over a long period of exposure then I apologise for confusing the thread.
She says she knows because it showed up when she had extensive allergy
testing done last year at the hospital.

Is it possible she may be okay with tip remover rather than pure acetone ?

Ally :confused:
Tip remover is acetone which has been buffered to make it more gentle on the skin, but it is still acetone so would probably still give your client a problem.
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