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Nails At The Hat Hire Company

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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
can anyone give me the manicures in laymans/blonde terms
ie what colourways etc.,
i know french duh! but can you explain it all for me for little ole blonde...
french = pink nail/ white tip
American manicure uses off white colors --- colors with a tinge of pink or blue or whatever.
Here is a partial list of some OPI colors that could be used in COMBINATIONS to paint an American manicure. Shanghai SHimmer, Swedish Nude, Tutti Frutti Tongta, Samoan Sand, Malaysian Mist, Kyoto Pearl, Jamaica Million, Hawaiian Orchid, Fuju Weegee Fawn.
The Cuban Manicure. Ok, I am looking at my thumb nail right this moment, mainly because the natural moon on the thumb is so prominant. Now, imagine the moon painted a pearly white ( not straight across but follow the curve of the natural moon ) and then the middle of the nail surface is painted a bold bright red ( again with the curve of the natural moon) and the the tip ie out to the free edge, is painted with the pearly white.
Of course, here again is where you can experiment. Just as with the American Mainicure many techs will play around with other color schemes like beiges and such.
I have seen the same with Cuban Manicures, beiges used, and acutally some rather wild 'look at my nails' colors.
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